Commercial mortgage lending trends in 2015 compared to California

In March 2015, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) called a random sample of 49,485 realtors who worked in commercial real estate to fill out an online poll. A total of 791 responses were received on the overall response rate of 1.6 percent. The survey inquired about the opinion of realtors on how to find the lending environment during the past year. Living and working in California, I find it interesting and useful to compare the general results of opinion polls in our state. I think you'll find it useful as well. Without further ado, here are the views of your brokers and lenders as stated by the state state:

Countries that have introduced difficult lending situations

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 58% of investors prefer to approach banks but not all banks are willing to lend. Among these institutions, these traditional lending institutions have exacerbated the situation with clumsy procedures, timelines and annoying terminology, and lengthy lengthy processes. A few banks have also done their best to please their customers or to make the situation more comfortable for them.

A private lender in New York

Banks were very aggressive in financing deals.

Such a situation can be expected from a city like New York where banks have to be on their feet about delay and have to cut back on bad loans. In addition, New York is known for its aggressive and revealing environment. Lack of empathy with customers is one of the painful points.

More unexpected is the fact that the kind places like Louisiana are reporting the same difficulties.

A local agent said:

Banks work well but they make it difficult to do business, and it is difficult to move forward in such an environment. Louisiana

In North Carolina:

Money is cheap, but still very hard to get. – North Carolina

Apparently, banks will monopolize investors and act like infamous fraudsters. Other investors had this to say:

The rules for major banks are to bind regional and community banks. – North Carolina

Just refinance 3 properties from $ 150,000 to $ 1,000,000. Low loans for transaction value. – Colorado

The terms of trade finance in the secondary market are either too cumbersome to qualify for this process, or conditions so difficult that buyers do not see value in financing and pay only money for smaller business deals. New Mexico

Countries that have found a good lending environment

If you want to invest, you may want to consider moving to one of these areas. There is less chance than California. There may be a more disciplined market with stumbling stocks and perhaps less promise, but banks are more keen to help investors.

There is a lot of money available for qualified buyers of commercial real estate. Texas

Financing was not a problem with reasonable transactions. Massachusetts

States that provide a positive environment for Private commercial lenders to work in

Loan conditions for banks in most states in 2015 were frustrating for consumers, making them ideal for private money lenders such as fixed-rate lenders who thrive on frustrated investors. Fixed money lenders Step by step where banks fail promises of convenience, strong interest, customer convenience, fast delivery (thinking of getting a loan in the same week compared to 60 plus days for banks!) And much less than paperwork. All you need to do is register your name on some forms and fill in the details of the value of your property and / or your work and / or your experience and / or your credit history. Nothing major and easier than banks. In short, in short, is beautiful. Even the loan-to-value structures in some places (especially in California) have been picked up with private commercial lenders who are now offering higher to full rates.

The downside is high interest rates and balloon payments (think of payments that are double like banks). On the other hand, it may be unlikely that there are those who want investors.

Agents in Pennsylvania and Carolina praised the private lending market:

In general, entrepreneurs have a vision of progress on the cultural curve, while banks seem to operate in a closed cave and compensate for their lack of skill at aggressive rates and conditions, or an unrealistic client process. Pennsylvania

Carolina was more intense. One investor explained that he preferred the alternative sector because:

I think banks have failed the entire country. They are ruthless and have given up their role in the greatest economy. – North Carolina

These agents in Georgia, Carolina and Illinois, for example, who have been let down by their banks may have no choice but to look for commercial lenders especially if they want to invest.

Illinois: Trade finance is a problem. I have wonderful property in the market for one year and there are no detainees.

Another commented that the banks

Slow processing of loans. An unusual waiting time is being funded. – Illinois

North Carolina: Commercial mortgages are virtually nonexistent.

And Georgia. (Looks really cavernous):

When lenders start lending again, the demand backed by buyers is very high and the economy will grow with it. No money – no healing.

Agents in Wisconsin found a similar situation:

Banks have become more aggressive for owner-occupied transactions.

It seems that some private investors will find a ready market in Kentucky:

In general, only local banks provide commercial loans. It takes a double loan and subscription requirements more restrictive. – Kentucky

Finally, it seems as if in Ohio, small businesses have no choice but to approach solid money lenders:

Large banks are not offering loans to small businesses anymore … just for large companies.

Flip into your commercial lending environment in California …

The National Association of Realtors has found that private lenders run a thriving lending process in California. Join more brokers and more investment in this area. California private lenders have benefited from increased interest in short-term investment. 2015 was a good year with private lenders mainly serving entrepreneurs and small business owners. As we have mentioned, these are the ones who were expelled from the banks.

Over the past year, private lenders have also bolstered the appeal of their field by eliminating one of their problems: LTV. Originally, lenders only liquidated LTV rates ranging between 50 and 60% and are significantly lower for private equity. A growing number of agents felt comfortable enough to raise LTV rates to 80%. Some meet full ownership percentages. This has tightened government regulations to protect borrowers (especially resident borrowers) to make investors more willing to see private commercial lenders as an attractive alternative.

On the other hand, high prices and high interest rates for lenders have led to a high rate of defaults. The inexperienced and the new agents had more of this downfall than others. The defaults are expected to rise in the coming year due to the increase in interest rates. Government regulations have also intervened in a situation with troublesome and complex rules that force lenders to lengthen lending time, making the already attractive private lending situation even smaller.

However, these years seem to be a good time to enter your commercial lending market in California, especially if you know how to do it.

Here are some reports published by NAR:

Most people say they will talk to their bank for commercial loans. – California

Right. But then, the majority is removed. This is due in particular to the fact that:

Excessive regulation and government routine that imposes itself on banks have made commercial borrowing difficult for legitimate clients. – California

This causes many investors to turn to hard money lenders.

I think there is enough money, the problem is not in banks. Is the borrower's inability to qualify for funding. – California

Another private lender in the world said in California:

Many obstacles to getting a loan. Even experienced loan brokers are not sure of their deals until the end of the process. – California

This is why the steady lending boom in California …

Investment error Otha Anders Made

In 2015, an elderly Louisiana man sat in a nearby bank, a truck loaded with 55 gallons of plastic pincers he had collected over the past 45 years. After the last philosophy was calculated, Otha Anders received over $ 5,130 as a lump sum for his loan. This is more than 510,000 pennies. For the general public, the news looks great, but for every American college person who collects and buys coins for pleasure and profit, Anders lost a lot of money.

According to the Monroe News, Los Angeles, Anders noted that all his pennies were "a stimulus from God, always reminding me of thanks." In the case of Anders, however, "penny saved" may be more than "a penny gained". Many of the money I got for immediate money was worth more money.

Since Anders began his car in 1970, he was getting a lot of pennies that remained stuck between 1909 and 1958. Even today, there are still many "wheat" pennies in penny and rolling exchange. When he started saving in 1970, he would find a lot of wheat wheat in great condition. Over the last 45 years, most pennies will become more valuable than one cent.

According to the "Guidebook of US Coins 2015" by RS Yeoman, wheat cent values ​​ranged from $ 10 in "good" condition to several hundred dollars in "almost irregular" condition. Also, the directory records a few very rare pennies which were up to $ 5,000 in non-current conditions. However, it will be impossible to estimate the amount of aggregate value for the entire group. Every coin was supposed to be checked by well-known currency traders who could help him sell his collection, but it is easy to imagine that Anders would have earned more than $ 20,000 if he had the patience to get an appraisal.

In addition to numismatic value, there is precious metal value for the price of each coin weight in copper. All American copper coins remained until 1981 containing 95% of copper. According to the site "InvestmentMine", in 2015, the average copper value was $ 2.86 per pound. All of Anders' pennies weigh together more than 2,800 pounds. So, if you choose all the coins, we will multiply 2,800 pounds and 2.86 total copper in total will be a total of $ 8,000. However, the conservative estimate of the number of copper pennies was 75%, and we get about $ 6,000, which is nearly $ 900 more than it got.

Although Anders received more than $ 5,100 in his extensive collection, he could have had more if he took the time to evaluate them all by a listed expert. However, the good news is that if you live in or near Louisiana, you can buy many pennies from local banks, and you may find some of these higher value bonds.

Where are the most necessary web filters and porn filters? You may be surprised

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing allow us to easily analyze trends in geographic regions. Almost anything can be measured by searching for it online. You can find how far you are searching for any term anywhere – at the state level, state level and even city.

For example, to identify the United States where there is serious concern about Internet usage problems, addiction to vulnerability, and general concern about exposure to questionable Internet content, we looked at where most keyword searches, such as web filtering and pornography, occur. The results are surprising

Where is the most searched porn filter?

1. Utah

2. Louisiana

3. Kansas

4. Tennessee

5. Oklahoma

6. Kentucky

7. Alabama

8. Oregon

9. Washington

10. Colorado

Utah, while not the most popular state, is leading the charts with more than double searches, followed by Louisiana. We can not begin to reasonably reason why these countries appear in the number of searches for a pornographic candidate – there may be a problem with the addiction to pornography, there may be a higher level of awareness of the problem of pornography on the Internet or countless other reasons.

Unfortunately, we can see another interesting phenomenon in the United States. While the trend toward searching for pornographic filters seems to be declining, there has been a steady increase over the years in searches for pornographic images. Draw your own conclusions. But we must all be aware and interested.

The secret to planting lots of healthy tomatoes or how to know how to use rhino marigold

Born in Banque, Louisiana in 1951 to a strong woman named Ruina. My mother was very knowledgeable about plants because she was born (1923) and grew up in a farm in Mansoura, Louisiana. In fact, she lived with her parents and older siblings a few miles outside Mansoura. It always seemed to me that my mother knew the plants and how she grew them and knew all about other answers to the questions of life and hard life. Of course I had a father, but he was away at work most of the time being a county planner. We knew him as a family and mother who threatened us if we misbehavior.

I watched and helped my mother during the formative years and learned a bit about plants of all kinds and how to take care of them in all seasons if they were perennial and how to trim bushes and trees. I have also shared the gifts that some plants have: healing gifts, pest control and other wonderful things they can do.

One of the fondest memories is the large patch of marigolds. My mother always planted months before planting her garden of tomatoes. Her mother told her that Marigold's roots had a magical way of pulling bad things out of the soil, so when you wiped them, their roots and everything, from that area, the earth would be cleared of bad dirt bugs and ready to harvest a lot of tomatoes. Now, the mother did not know the science behind what she was doing. She simply trusts in the ancient wisdom of her ancestors. Needless to say, they produce lots of tomatoes we had to give some of them away. I remember snacks made from cucumber slices and tomatoes with a little salt and pepper on hot days.

From a scientific point of view, the French marigold is an effective crop to encircle microscopic nematodes at their roots when they are grown heavily in the tomato patch before the tomato season. The most important step when using plush in this way is to remove all or as much of the plush root system as possible and pack it and throw it in the trash. Do not fertilize these plants. Remember that the roots of a marigold plant have confined to nematodes and this actually removes the "dirt bugs" population as the mother used to contact them, for a short period of time. This process should allow for a great growth season and fruits for you tomato plants.

The specific species of French marigold that succeeded in removing nematodes from the soil are:

"Petite Gold"

"Petite Harmony"


"Gold One" (also known as "Nema-gone") or "Lemon Drop".

Camp Camping for Family Tents: Camping Tent in Great Texas

My favorite family camping tent in Texas, is a national protected big fish. This is not recommended for the hearts, as this is a primitive camping experience. The park is divided into different units and units in Preserve Do Not Allow camping. A list of camping units available from the Big Thicket National Preserve visitor center, which is open daily except national holidays, is available.

Before camping, a Backcountry permit is required and can be obtained from the same center located eight miles north of Kountze, TX on FM 420. There are camping regulations in this reserve, which must be fully adhered to. May be informed, when applying for a backcountry permit.

As I said before, this is considered primitive camping, and you can expect any of the usual amenities found in other camps. The camp shovel is one of the necessities for this family campaign. Open fires are permitted in open areas for camping, but strict rules of fire must be followed, which were presented in a previous article.

It should also be remembered that you can not leave garbage or garbage in the camp and must be overcrowded.

After that, let's go to one of my other favorite preferences. As you know from Louisiana, I love seafood. So we will check the Gulf Coast at Galveston Island Public Park. I love sea, sun, seafood and sand, so this is one of my favorites.

I love this park as it has 36 locations facing the Gulf beach and suitable for tents and / or RV. Each location has amenities such as water, electricity, ground fire rings and a table. There are even toilets and showers available in the allocated areas. This place is ideal for an Expedition camping family for beginners or families who just want to get a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the family home. There are also only 10 camping sites for a tent on the bay side. They have water loops, table and ground, but no electricity.

Fishing is perfect in the area and can be enjoyed by the entire family (temporary fishing licenses can be purchased locally or online). I love this camp because I can get out and catch the fish chaos and bring them to camp, feed and feed the family.

There are two ways to reach the Galveston Public Park. My favorite is to travel on Highway 82 after leaving the house and follow the coast of Louisiana. I love this road, even with ferry crossings, because you get to see animals and wildlife in southwestern Louisiana. I can stay on the same highway all the way to Winnie, Texas. From there I head south to Galveston. After passing Winnie, Texas and traveling for about 25 miles, you can follow the Texas Gulf Coastline along the route to Galveston Ferry Island.

The other way is to drive west on Interstate 10 to Interstate 45 and head to Galveston. Needless to say I prefer to see the nature of the fighting with cars on the busy highway.

That's all I can cover in this article. I will write the following camping in West Texas, South Texas and North Texas.

Cajun Bourbon Chicken – Is Cajun Really Cooking?

Cooking Cajun was born of necessity. When the British Acadians abandoned Nova Scotia in 1785, there were about 1600 had to find another place to live. It ended up in Louisiana and was the main source of food for fishing, agriculture and fishing.

When Cajuns settled in Louisiana, they were not met with hospitality. They were seen down by the French aristocracy. Swamp areas were where they had to settle because of this treatment. Although they ate mainly what the aristocratic class ate, this step prompted them to adapt recipes they knew and use the things that were available. So they adapted the recipes with what they had or could grow and this evolved to cook a cajun.

Because they sold a great deal of the things they had picked up or caught, the Cajun, as they became known, learned how to make dishes of leftover food to feed their families. At this time the families were very large and the amount of food selected was enough to feed everyone. This caused the Cajuns to mix rice with almost everything eaten. Cajun Chicken was one of the dishes they found easy to prepare and was enough to feed large families.

Using what was available such as seafood, chicken, tortoise and alligator gave birth to many Cajun recipes. The use of rum and fat of any kind of meat is fixed; ingredients and spices are made to make Cajun dish different and tasty. Although many people associate cajun food with spices and heat, this is not necessarily true. The use of spices is part of the spices but the real Cajun recipes are used as spices for taste, not to add heat to the dish.

So Cajun is a combination of Southern and French cooking. Cajun Bourbon Chicken consists of the soaked chicken in Bourbon and adds cajun spices. Many people do not agree with the origins of this type of chicken. Some say it is from Kentucky. Others say it was named after Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The seasoning used to soak the chicken is sugar, soy sauce and whiskey. This may be the reason for the name and not for any of the other reasons.

The confusion is due to the differences between the two names. The Bourbon chicken and the Cajun Bourbon chicken do not use exactly the same ingredients. While the ingredients used in Bourbon Chicken are also used in Cajun Bourbon chicken, there are a few things added to Cajun Bourbon Chicken and this will vary according to the cooking. Cajun seasonings are not used in Bourbon Chicken. This can be the type you buy at the store or if your roots are Cajun, it can be any components distributed by your mother or grandmother.

Regardless of the origins of Cajun chicken Bourbon, one thing everyone agrees on the taste. It is delicious and has its own flavor. This is why they are made using different variations throughout the country.

Prepare your family's tent tent the first time

So you have a new tent and you are ready to do this first camping trip. You get everything packed and ready? STOP Always set it up at home first. The first time with a new tent, it will take longer in preparation and it may be awkward to get to the park and I'm still trying to read directions in the dark or perhaps missing parts.

Well, you are now familiar with the collection of your tent and you have all the pieces, you are ready to go to the park. You can stop at the camp desk and check in. If you have pre-registered, but have sites available you may want to check them first and see if there is a better location, then the location that is assigned to you. Most camps will let you do this.

Something you might think is;

• Level sites with good drainage

• Water and electricity (this is a must for my wife)

• Do you want to be near the RV or a quieter location

• High positions

• Open area or more shaded area (I'm in Louisiana so I tend to look for shade)

• Do not place too close to the bathrooms or showers where people can walk down your site. Of course you may want to be close if you have young children.

• Near water activities (again because I'm in Louisiana water = mosquitos so I keep away from preparing water)

• Any site may be more family oriented

No matter what is important to you, there are still three basic things to look for which are the same in business. The hotel is …

Once you find the site you like takes into account the above items that interest you, you need to set up the site. I take a paper rake with me and I fire things loose and sharp away from where we will have a tent. Make sure you do not just look at the ground but also the outdoors to make sure there are no branches or limbs that may be lost by the wind.

Use a fingerprint for your map. You can purchase specific footprints to plan your floor in your tent. They serve a number of purposes, such as protecting your tent floor from sharp objects that may cause tears or holes, but also provide a clean surface to create the tent to reveal. It should not be larger than the tent floor, but if it is better than checking the gap in any surplus. You do not want any of them to extend beyond the tent floor where you can catch water. It is best to use a fingerprint, but if it is not available, the mask will do so. You can get tarpaulins at Lowes or Home Depot.

If you do not expect any bad weather, you do not need to use the rain fly, but if there is a chance of rain, at least lock it to one side so you can pull it out quickly when you feel the first drop of rain. In cold weather will provide insulation for the tent. If you place a tent in the direct sun during hot weather, they provide UV protection to the body of your tent. The fly will also give you a vestibule to store like dirty shoes. Some flies provide plenty of space on the door. Pull the fly back securely and away from the tent body for ventilation.

Tents with full flies are best in rainy weather. The full fly keeps the body of the tent dry and keeps moisture less when the rain stops and the sun returns to the outside. Usually you only see the full yachts on the tents of the best quality.

Plesy vs Ferguson – History of African Americans


Supreme Court of the United States: Supreme Court of the Earth. Their task: to determine the constitutionality of issues. But is this what they really do? Can we trust that their decisions are not correct? Two important cases in history can help answer this question. Court Case of 1896 in the United States, Plessy v. Ferguson, made the establishments and schools separate on the basis of race. In another case in 1954, Brown v. Board of Education, the court reversed its decision and said the dismissal was not equal. These cases teach two lessons about the Supreme Court in the United States. Plesy points out that our judicial system sometimes fails to administer justice. Brown shows that although the court rules fairly, justice is not guaranteed.

Many events led to Plessy v. Ferguson. For example: after Congress withdrew federal forces from the south in 1877, the situation of blacks deteriorated. The black government has been pushed to a lower position. The government took measures to prevent blacks from voting immediately.

They started the poll taxes, "grandfather items". They were also separated in trains, parks, schools, restaurants, theaters, swimming pools, and even cemeteries. If blacks break these separation laws, they are likely to end up either in prison or death!

The case of Plessy v. Ferguson is a very important issue in American history because it imposed the separation until it made it legal and made the chapter a concrete reality for the people of the United States. He began with a man named Homer Plesy. Plessy was 7/8 white and had only 1/8 drop of black blood in it, but under Louisiana law, he was considered black. In 1890, Louisiana issued a law stating that "all railway companies carrying passengers in their coaches in this state will provide equal but separate housing for white and colored races, by providing two or more passenger buses for each passenger train, or by dividing passenger coaches from Partition to ensure separate places. "Plesy believed the law was unfair and therefore challenged the law by refusing to leave the white-car. He was arrested and taken to trial. In this trial, he said the separate car law violated the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution. But found guilty. Plesy then appealed the decision to the Louisiana High Court. His case was once again supported. Plesy was again challenged in 1896 to the United States Supreme Court. Homer Plesy was found guilty again. The impact of the court's decision was harsh. I created a reality that was a nightmare for many. Their lives will change dramatically. Will be officially separated and considered low in the community.

Plesy's law against Ferguson was the Land Act until 1954, when it was successfully abolished by Brown against the Board of Education. In 1954, a small girl named Linda Brown in Topeka was forced to walk 8 kilometers to school. She did not get a holiday and could not play with any of the other kids who were all white. Her parents filed a case with the US Supreme Court, saying there was no way that whites and whites could get equal education if they were separated. The court ruled that separate are not equal.

Plesy's time against Ferguson and Brown against the Education Board illustrates how long it took to bring justice to blacks from the Supreme Court. It amazes me that our government may wonder whether blacks have the right to justice. It must be basic knowledge for us to know that it is wrong to treat anyone with this injustice. Just to prove my point here are some questions you can ask yourself: Are black humans like eggs? Do both blacks and whites have feelings and needs? Finally, is the only difference between blacks and whites is that they have different skin? I am confused why so many people, including our Supreme Court judges will not answer yes to all these questions. How can anyone with any intelligence think it is acceptable to deal with blacks in a different way?

Fortunately, the Court reached its understanding in the Brown case against the Board of Education. But just because the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that dismissal was not equal, this did not mean that blacks were automatically treated equally. After getting Brown against the Education Board, there is a need to be a civil rights movement, in which many people are involved to push society to change. Two people who were leading the civil rights movement were Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. We must admit that it was not only these people, but others who were working and helping the same cause. There were many ways that affected the civil rights movement. They gave speeches, wrote letters, led marches, held meetings and many other strategies. They also suffered from mental and physical difficulties. Only through the civil rights movement has Brown's promise actually made. These people were poor, rich, high gourmet, low class, black, white, short and long. Basically, there was a wide range of different types of people. Not everyone changed his mental state automatically when the US Supreme Court ruled that he was not equal. There were a lot of people who were racist and wanted to keep the blacks in a lower position.

What is it about celebrities and private jets?

When the final status code of a private jet becomes more popular among the celebrity community, there are many bizarre examples of what you can use for your jet. Let's look at two aspects of celebrity life, where some people lose all sense of reality, and others seem to be re-visiting their human side.

Here is a cruise

Tom Cruise has had his own plane for many years, although his lifestyle has become more secret, and far from the real world, we have recently seen a new use of his jet plane. He sent his assistants to pick up his groceries!

True, it was confirmed earlier this year that Cruise and his fiancée Katie Holmes developed a thirst for sodium soda. However, instead of raiding the refrigerator to see what remains of the cooled drinks Tom Cruise left his aides to use his own plane to travel to the city, from Colorado's isolated farmhouse. The plane was forced to stand on the runway for two hours, while its faithful aides went to the city for the most expensive drinks ever seen in the world. This definitely caused a stir at the local airport !!

john Travolta

Maybe the actor John Travolta is the best known celebrity with his own plane, in fact he has more than one private jet and he is a qualified pilot !!

While we hear about many celebrities in their starry lifestyle, far from reality, and apparently not affected by disasters, some seem to have put their "power" in good use. In the aftermath of Hurricane Louisiana, John Travolta boarded his own plane with only one thing in his mind, to bring a little sunshine to the lives of heavily affected Louisiana residents. Just do it …..

Along with their celebrity colleagues Oprah Winfrey and Shawn Bean, Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston distributed food and medical supplies that are invaluable to desperate residents in the severely affected area. It was a joy to stay on their faces to see such a reflection of the "untouchables" stars.

While the money can not buy you love, can bring a little happiness in the world ……..

Located deep in the south: a tradition as an old church on Sunday

Since most of the country is preparing for a harsh winter and enjoying a few months of rest from the summer heat, South Louisiana and Mississippi have a completely different atmosphere. The intense summer heat gives way to more moderate days, monsoon rains, and the traditional fishing season. Hunting is a key element in the culture and folklore of this region. Families and friends regularly meet on weekends at the church on Sunday. Trucks and cars are filled to the edge with guns, 4 wheels, and coolers filled with beer. Both wives and mothers allow the traditional Mass to be celebrated on Sunday to get a chance for deer meat at the dinner table and a different form of church. This time of year is held around the campfire. The bearded men become old gray, chewing tobacco with nicknames such as "Poppy" and "Bao Bao" preachers. The seats are replaced by logs and rocking chairs. Wine becomes a cold beer or two fingers of Tennessee whiskey and the Eucharist mystery is the gazelle sausage in Jumbalaya. As in the Church, the values ​​of life, the building of family ties, and strong faith are learned. It is an unparalleled experience and a real blessing in my life.

Recently I was lucky enough to make the trip to the South to visit family and friends. Starting from my hometown in New Orleans, we drove north towards St. Louis. Francisville, Louisiana. As cities and busy highways approached two winding roads, barely big enough for one full-size vehicle, the beautiful oak trees rose with Spanish moss on rolling hills. Modern concrete and steel houses have turned into shacks of rustic tin with a wrap around the balconies. These houses, surrounded by 100-year-old trees and shabby rocking chairs hanging from the front balconies, seem to have been untouched since 1800. In this part of the world, these beautiful houses are called "The Camp".

Young people and old people flood this forest in search of those once in a lifetime buck. The whole trip to Camp, imagine myself as I draw my corner and aim at the legendary bet. This trip with friends was a bit different from last trips. Although I was there to shoot the first deer with a bow, there was an important work to do first. At this time of year, the camp was attending food plots. These football-sized fields are plotted with rumors, alfalfa, random field greens and everything else to keep deer healthy for years to come. Like most days in Mississippi, there was no shortage of rain. As the rain fell, the surgeon was plowing the field and the warmth from the muddy dirt that struck the cold rain created a light mist hovering over the field. The fog engulfed the food plot in the surrounding oak and magnolia trees. I briefly felt as if I was heading back in time. I imagined Confederate soldiers and the Union cut through the fog with guns and fire guns. As I wondered about the history of these timber, I suddenly stopped again with the roar of passing jars and the whistle of my colleague pointing to the loading of another sack of seeds. The spray was wet, covered with mud, with flat tires later, and the day was drawing to a close. As we were heading towards the camp, my friend said, I know I love photography, "Do you want to see something wonderful?" After he knew the answer to his own question, he sharpened the code from the gentle dirt path we were in, directly to the thick thick brush. All through the thorn fork we photographed photographed flying off a ridge in a deep creek bed. To my surprise, thick bushes looked like a part of the Red Sea and a huge oak tree on the square.

This 300-year-old oak tree rose from the forest floor as if it were a giant watching us. At the base, a small tomb was placed barely visible from 1800. The tombstones are mixed with azalea bushes and western yagur, as if they were natural in place. Large limbs stretched 100 feet in the air creating an umbrella like a spider web that was a natural kicker of steady rain. Small columns of rain and light droplets managed to navigate through the canopy, gently tapping the forest floor with each drop. Every rain falls, dominos, takes another 10 drops along, dancing across the limbs to the floor of the forest below. Each drop indicates a different refraction of light, making the tree vibrant in a quiet light display. The gentle crackling of the drops that hit the forest floor seemed like the tree was making its own musical rhythm. This tree was as inspiring as I imagined it stood in the test of time. The winds of the force of the hurricane and the rain of the bombing were not, and even modern man was able to pull this giant down. Just like today's man, we put deep deep roots built on a strong foundation of ethics and values. Over time, we become strong as we face adversity in us. Once we have established our place in the forest, we will create more life and provide shelter for those younger than us.

With the long daylight that fades, the cold, the fatigue and the rain in the rain, I and my friend laughed about how lucky we were to experience such days. When most people feel sorry for themselves or are miserable, we are happy with simple things in life that most people have not experienced. We quickly headed to the campfire warmth and the smell of jambalaya on the fireplace. Lying next to the fire, in a coma of belly filled with jambalaya, feet wrapped in a wool blanket, my buddies and I showed each other love the only way known by true friends how. We would laugh for hours, we would joke, and we would cherish any small mistake each other made, and recall the days of glory almost. Although I came out empty of bow hunting, the experience I enjoyed with my friends was close to the family.