Sex in Cessna, part II


Sex in Cessna or in any light plane can be admirable, and since your flight instructor has never taught you how to do it, you’ll need to read all of these series of articles from a series of articles, we don’t want you to wind things up like that. In the first part, we explained the need for practice and separation between other aircraft that do not allow the flight of other aircraft and set the aircraft in flight.

Remember that you are far from limited areas such as Washington. I can’t say exactly what those guys from “Cessna 150” thought they were doing, but they had to tear their heads off. Flying into limited airspace is definitely not a place to be caught with your pants down. They were lucky that they didn’t get their donkeys taken down from the sky by an F-16 that rolled over their TAS at 500 Kts. So be careful to have enough space to complete your mission during sex in Cessney.

Now you have the seat all back and you are locked in place. Your female colleague also had to fail. Now you have to choose your sexual positions. There are many options, so choose exactly what you want to do first. Trying to change positions is inconvenient, so it’s best to finish one seat before setting another. If you’re going to take a few different positions, you may want to turn the plane around and go the other way. Also change the height so that you are walking in the right direction to the height at which you are.

It is best to wipe a towel at hand, an important sexy towel. Please don’t throw it out the side window when it runs out, we have enough rubbish. Also, if it lands in someone’s yard, they will be able to tell what it was used for, and that’s just wrong. If you are on a leased aircraft, check the seat lanes before ascending, some pegs in the seat mechanisms are not working properly and will not remain locked in place until you enter it.

If you are at the bottom and part of the female rack is at the top, you want to put the seat at about 30 degrees so you can still see outside the plane. Be careful not to hit your knees or feet in the yoke as you could change the direction of the flight. If you are on a rented aircraft that does not have autopilot, you can fly with your feet to a limited extent. If so, you may want to try this a few times before trying to have sex in Cessna.

End of Part II