How to go about choosing a flying school


There are people who are lucky enough to live next to many flight schools. In this case, comparing packages becomes a very easy matter. However, no matter how many schools there are, it is important to consider some things that will allow you to find yourself in a better school.

Like choosing any other school, you don’t choose the very first school you encounter. It is necessary to consider the aircraft used, the type of instructors they have, and the training conditions. Flying is fun, and so should learning. Here are some factors to consider.


Never expect flight lessons to be cheap. That’s why most students will try to save as much as they can before they start. It is also wise to compare the prices of different schools to cut costs.

When comparing costs, don’t just focus on rent. Other things such as fee structure, aircraft rental cost, instructor fees, handling fees, taxes, fuel prices and insurance. You need to watch out for any hidden costs. Ask any questions you may have and get a quote about everything you will need during the workout.

Powers and experience of flight instructors

Choosing an instructor who has all the necessary credentials is very important, but it is not the only one. You need to know how long such a person has been working as an instructor. Find out where they were trained. Getting more information from alumni can be an added benefit. However, you need to know that some instructors have been working for many years but not so well. There are also fresh ones that have just hit the market and are great. This means that flight hours alone should not be the determining factor. Find someone who facilitates communication and someone who will help you feel comfortable.

Reputation in relevant bodies

Make sure they meet all the standards set in your area. Authorities can help you determine the best schools around. Find out if there have been any violations at the school in the past and if no incidents have been reported. You don’t want to invest in school with questions. The airport and other similar businesses can also help you in making such a decision.

Lesson plans and course structure

Different flight schools use different rules. It is necessary to determine the rules used, although the end result is usually the same. The only difference is the methods used in training. Depending on your own schedule, you may find that some rules are quite structured and the instructor may actually change classes. This gives room for some flexibility and can suit someone who has a tight schedule.