American Crocodile Facts and Information

Description of American crocodile

The American crocodile has a very thick body and has amazing power. Even the tail has a larger force behind it than the normal adult man. Males are usually about 14 feet long, while females are about 10 feet tall. The largest single in history was just over 19 feet. Like all crocodiles have very sharp teeth but this one holds the record for the strongest bite any animal in the whole world.

There is a rare genetic mutation that can make some American crocodile Alpino. They lack genes to create melanin. They are present in the wild but very rare. Given their fascination with them although they are usually reared in captivity as an attraction in crocodile farms.

Distribution of American crocodile

You will only find an American crocodile in the southern part of the United States. This includes Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia. The largest number is in Florida and has a population of about 2 million.

They do well in the wetlands here. However, they also have a big problem because they have to share these areas with humans. Its natural habitat is still smaller and smaller at all times. They are usually attached to fresh water, but they can also work well in salt water.

The behavior of the American crocodile

They are very intelligent animals and will deeply study their environment. They are able to pick up other animal patterns that come to the area quickly. They are slow on the ground but do not underestimate them in the water. They can be aggressive but mostly tend to do so only when they feel threatened.

American Crocodile Diet and Nutrition

Wetland areas, where the American crocodile lives, provide plenty of food for the American crocodile. In fact, without them here, the Florida and Louisiana areas will have big problems to deal with. This is due to the abundance of rodents present in these areas. They make up the majority of food source for this type of crocodile.

They will also eat a variety of birds, snakes and different mammals in the area. What they will eat depends on where they live and their size. When they are too big you will go for mammals including deer and cattle. It is also known to bring down a bear or tiger successfully.

Swallows his food completely and uses his sharp teeth to break it into pieces. They will also consume sand and rocks. These ingredients help to grind the food in the stomach.

American Crocodile Reproduction

Mating occurs in the spring as temperatures begin to increase. Can hear male vocal and vocal sounds during this time. It strives to be able to attract females with those voices. At the same time, they give warnings to other males to get away.

After mating, the couple will go to their own directions. The female will be preoccupied with creating a nest. It may take several weeks to do this. You will use whatever you can find including rocks, sticks and mud. You can put 20 to 50 eggs in this nest and then build on it. They do it to keep their warmth and prevent the predators from finding it.

The young man will be born after about 65 days. They will make the journey from eggs to water with their mother. You will take care of them until they reach five months of age. Many of these offspring will be eaten by different predators in the water before they mature.

Save the American Alligator

At this time, there are no efforts to preserve the place of the American crocodile. They do a good job in their natural environment. There are efforts being made despite helping to prevent more of its habitat from being taken over by humans. Accurate assessments are made before building is allowed in many of these areas.