Dr. Tomy Bowen has been pulling his weight for some time now

When Tommy Boone was eight years old, his father installed a pull rod in the bedroom door he shared with his brother. For a full year thereafter, Mr Boone encouraged his children to develop the ability to make more and more withdrawals. "After the first year," said Tommy, "withdrawals have become commonplace for both of us.

Pull-ups translate into gymnastics and long-term fitness

This habit of withdrawal, instilled by Mr. Boone in his sons, has helped children develop more and more upper-body strength and related sporting interests as they grow into adulthood. "In my case," Tommy said, "the accumulated tape translated into a gymnastics interest, which in turn led me to the Northwestern University of Louisiana where I competed in gymnastics for four years while I was in physical education." To be more precise, Tommy Boone was an American gymnastic American gymnast in 1966, and had a tow bar that his father put when he was eight as a guiding light.

My father was a lawyer, but …

Boone's father, a professional speaker, was a lawyer and a senator who worked with legendary pop icon Hughy (Kingfish Long) who cast a long shadow over Louisiana's policy. "My father always wanted to go to law school and follow his footsteps, so I was very disappointed when I announced my intention to study and train physical education," said Boone.

"On the other hand," he said, "my father was always very conscious, sensitive to the importance of physical strength and health, and the Bar Pulling Doors is a big indicator of this recognition.In a few years to my studies in Northwestern, my father once dragged me and He reconsidered, I think I might be in something interesting after all.

From master to doctorate.

As it turned out, Mr. Boone's insight into the prophetic biology had evolved into a complete industry in the 1970s and 1980s. Tommy followed his teaching and teaching dreams, by completing his Masters in Northwestern, and immediately took teaching and training at the University of Northeast Louisiana, in Monroe, Los Angeles, in 1968, then, he received a teaching post at the University of Florida In 1969. He remained for two years, but despite his encouragement to stick to the task, Bonn moved to the University of Florida to pursue a Ph.D. In exercise physiology.

Jump in the future

Jumping into the future, Dr. Tommy Boone has covered much of the land since those Florida days. Currently, he heads the aerobic physiology department of St. Louis. Scholastica College in Duluth, Minnesota where since 1993-1994. It has also been published many times (articles, books, websites, blogs, etc.) to the extent that it alone could have prevented an entire administration from perishing if it wanted to.

American Society of Physicists Exercise

He is also co-founder and first president of the American Society of Physiology of Exercise (ASEP), an international group of more than 500 physicists dedicated to saving relevant research from the ivory tower and translating it into practical hands to be implemented by real people. Real families, who will stay on real streets in real neighborhoods around the real world.

Bonnie warns of dangers …

In an insightful article entitled "Many Collective Ideas" leads to conformity and failure, Boone recorded eight fatal sins of collective thinking, including thinking, stereotypes, self-censorship, rationalization, direct pressure, delusions of anonymity, And immunity. . All this works against the possibility of finding real solutions to real problems (such as childhood obesity) in today's world. Collective thinking can be a major obstacle to creative problem solving in hierarchies, budgets, and people who are traditionally paid for thinking, meeting together and effectively avoiding their relative comfort zones.

Comfort areas do not need to be applied

In Bonn's own words, "The ASEP is not an organization for researchers who want to stay in their own comfort zone." Exercising the functions of the members in our eyes, is all about improving the quality of life for people all over the world. We lose our goal. "Therefore, quality training is a kind of quality that deeply protects the bones of Dr. Tommy Bonnie. The opportunities are all that has been given a major leap in the league after his father installed a simple pull bar at the entrance, encouraged his children to learn the hands on the value lessons he created Regular work over a period of time.

Practical tips for parents today

Speaking of moving the research to the street level, we decided to ask Dr. Tommy Boon what kind of advice he could give parents in the 21st century as they wrestled with issues such as childhood obesity and fitness in the face of television, video games, computers, and cars that take them all Place, physical education curricula are being cut faster than you can say any child left behind? Provide the following advice.

"The most important thing parents can do to children is to design things that they want them to do, they speak louder than words," said Bunn. "If you want to eat your children properly, show them how to eat yourself." If you want them to be physically active, it is best to be ready to walk … literally if you want them to avoid tobacco, alcohol and drugs, then Set the right example for yourself, and if you say something and do something else, you lose all your credibility, and when parents lack credibility, we all lose.