Worlds behind the den of the worm Venus (in three parts)

Timeline of Mars

(Mars to Venus) (Part I of the Third))

It was known that Dr. Marg Johnson of the Louisiana Space Station, one of the leading scientists and young people, had her theories Mars and Mars, and life on Venus (and the two resting places were a great place to suffer, now a single graveyard of bone, From the coffin of the world). For Ms. Johnson, she is kept secret from all her men and women who feel scientists; for her more than theories, she is part of being a witch who can – even felt – her assumptions.

They were clear in 2034 AD and were the first woman on Mars, and then Venus, if the edifice went according to plan. It has been confirmed in relation to Mars, the interior, and the things required by (quantum inference) (brainstorming in essence) that they give only by the magicians of long-standing legends, who have spoken in riddles and rhymes, that nothing in the space station can That explains, or if it can be, too far to think about. But her enthusiasm for the paradox and the unknown of it, replaced all their.

Her recent lecture has now been taken at the nearby university where she will then make her first trip to Mars and follow up with Venus.

Mars, "began clearly," The Red Planet is the second and smallest in our solar system, away from the sun. (Small papules) (or fungus)), we know that they only need to dribble.

"Mars has two satellites that look like the most asteroids, one of which is about eight miles wide and the other is anywhere near 15. The soil on Mars is inhabited, and I think Mars itself contains 3 percent of the water.

"Most of the space biology mission will be considered as Mars, as I plan to leave within the next few days.

"Mars's diameter is half the size of the Earth, and it has minerals, water, oxygen, minerals, it has no world-class electromagnetic field in itself, and it is 4.5 billion years old. With regard to Mars, water and lava, we astronauts still expect to land near Olympus Mons, It is 340 miles long, and a very old volcano, deep in thirty-six feet of water, is universal, and as anyone can see it from NASA and flutter pictures, it has a lot of erosion, and its great valley Ma Valdisis It is 430 miles long and 12 miles wide and 1.2 miles deep.

"Furthermore, Mars contains 96% of the carbon dioxide in its atmosphere, as mentioned earlier, and small areas of oxygen, and the atmosphere is mostly wet, which is at least foul fish for human habitation, so we do not live in coffin.

"The year of Mars is 687 days revolves around the sun, and temperatures between 340- F Fahrenheit, and high 95 Fahrenheit (higher) orbit is like Earth's orbit, counterclockwise, Venus is the exact opposite.
"As I mentioned before, we have a form of life that can live in the atmosphere of Mars, Lichens, but I think there is more of that life on Mars.I think there are real spiders, when I say true, I mean 305 million of the old spiders I lived I think I saw their bodies covered in rock, named Idmonarachne brasieri, found here on Earth, sometimes gathering wind into our atmosphere and taking the path of asteroids that crashed on the surface of Mars, with eight sporadic limbs, and a majestic jaw.

"The Earth's surface is about 93 to 76 million km, based on my knowledge that you all look suspicious in my face, young people I suppose, I am only 24 years old, but I will let you travel a little I did not even tell my fellow comrades, who consider me In this field, in 2073, I predict from my observations, experimental data, and calculations that the moon Moonbos will turn and move to the surface of Mars, it is already close, but it will be very close to shredding parts of the surface of Mars by the pressure of tides, About the dusty ring around the planet, and also the sun Move parts of the planet outside, then Mars becomes a closed gradually with the earth, and the sun dilated, and in the process, will be the destruction of Mercury, Venus and Mars with the Earth, unless there is a miracle, Mars will be like Barbican concave wig, looks like Babylon.

"For those who do not believe in a spider story, I have already tracked the history of their cells from Earth to Mars. What we have now is tracking the DNA recorded on a tape, and can track the family history of each cell in any living organism, The previous Mars data, and the fossils found here on Earth, the spider ascended from one egg from the Earth to Mars, and those decaying cells came from trillions of its body. "

Then suddenly called by a person named "Asmodius", the ancient mythical devil of the Old Testament book, which killed seven of Sarah's husbands. Is largely problematic for the structure of the nuclear family, which to this day haunts the world and the human family; specializes in family disorders and is often expelled and purged of individuals through trained practices in exorcism.

(She was simply creating nonsense from her head believed that many listeners – chrysalides like …)

Thus, her lecture was very bleak to her listeners, with a mysterious, high end, and the students barely failed to stir curiosity and petty differences. Alarming many of her colleges had to pull them out of the theater, some felt they were full of evil and malicious material. Some of her listeners even accused her of being charlatans. The crowd was affected.

During the day, the next day, the whispers were seen at the Louisiana Space Station, Dr. McGee examined her thesis, saw Mars was the largest moon, Phobos (Greek name, meaning fear) and Demos Moon II (Greek name, meaning: horror) Of the shape of the asteroid, something he did not take into account, and noted that both were lowering their orbits more quickly than observed by the naked eye, or that the telescopes have been documented. And yes, either one crash or both can happen to Mars. They must remain as if they are moving their orbit closer to the mother planet, and then, like Gargoyle falls from a cathedral, shell or fragment when crashing into Mars , So Dr. McGee thought, he concluded.

Lair of the Venusian Worm

(Mars to Venus) (Part II of III))

Astronaut Captain Greg Younggger Forty, the captain of the spacecraft Yig, Billy Coleman eighty-eight chemical engineers, and an evolutionary engineer, Professor Marg Johnson, Ph.D., aged twenty-eight (with background in protein and molecular biology working on the interstellar life algorithm system, ), All three astronauts in a five-year program, had prepared themselves for the first human journey to the second planet of the sun, Venus, assigned in the summer of 2040. They knew full well that Venus was the hottest of any planet – its surface in the solar system, at 896 Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt lead or zinc. They also know about the heavy and dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases as well as sulfuric acid, which is very toxic to humans. To include the pressure of the planet 92 times from Earth, a crushing weight for man. The Louisiana space station had planned to either reach its northern leaders on the northern side of the planet, Ishtar Terra, a high point, or Aphrodite Tera, on the southern side of the planet, another high point, realizing that 80% of Venus was a plateau country. And 20% of the rocky plains, prefer to stay within the rocky plains to face them, away from the more stable bottom layer of the most hot surface. Carbon dioxide behaves in the atmosphere like a blanket that blocks the heat from the sun, and it was very strong on Venus' surface – the outward appearance; but the planet, like the surface of the earth, was made of rocks, a very large earthy plant and the task was able to do so . For this reason, they move from the spacecraft, on the surface of Venus, into a typical metal suit made of a machine.

Unlike all other planets, such as the Earth that has its orbit counterclockwise to the sun, Venus is the opposite, and the rotation on its axis is much slower than Earth. It is a planet without a moon. Unlike Pluto, which has five moons, or Earth with its singular moon; therefore, Venus is the closest to Earth than all other planets, and has no moon to shatter the planet, most scientists and astronauts felt that there is no life to be found in Planet Venus, as Professor Johnson saw, was that there was a possibility of evolution of a form of life, or at least a possibility. Thus their own spacecraft plunged into the Venus orbit, with infrared, cameras, UV and radar, and found them above above above Aphrodite Terra, on the southern side of the planet, apparently trapped less heat than the sun on its northern side At this very moment, its temperature on the surface is 852 Fahrenheit, and Aphrodite Terra is under 500 Fahrenheit, therefore, this is where they chose to descend.

Professor Marg Johnson specifically designed these space operations, with their own design, and worked well. Her idea was the hot and cold universe, the cold moon, the hot Venus, as is mercury. Hot liquids do not contain liquids called calories, but are substances in which atoms move faster in groups. Cold atoms or molecules move more slowly. The heat moves away from the cold, even in the minerals, eg cold spoon in hot coffee. Or hot body to cold, put in the equation nature of time now. When heat exchange occurs – do not mention – the future like the past. This can be reversed through the law of physics that is violated. Once the heat occurs the past changes. No friction is equal to any swing, and the movement leads to the back, friction leads to loss of energy, and slows down. Such as round the clock. The lap produces heat, as does the person who wraps it. This phenomenon distinguishes the future from the past.

The fastest (hot) atom collides with a cold atom, leaving some energy, and this collision distributes its parts evenly through the main item. In essence, hot body can become hotter, through the seam with a cool one, it is not likely. At the roots of heat, nature is different and independent of quantum mechanics. Like the balloon, the suit is swollen and closed, and the particles inside it will slow down the fast particles that collide with it, says statistical physics and thermodynamics. Thus, for Dr. Johnson, a suit produced that the heat shrinks when she enters the suit, such as the balloon, the suit has reduced the range of characteristics you enter, changed it, where the reaction occurs within the change, it slows down, does not heat the body, In addition, it is unloaded.

And so their adventure begins with a horrific framework and cycles of evil that can not be measured as it did.

Outside, from the stratosphere, the hellish escape of the space was not quite exactly where they wished to land, and the solar wind spread sideways to them, quickly clapping to the eye, wobbling away from their original landing location, in a valley of closed species, surrounded by mountains, , The great gloom of the place: the captain of the mother ship still spins over Venus' stratosphere, see the hidden terror, fear, what's wrong?

Professor Marg Johnson and Captain Junger: It may have been a much better choice than the choice they chose (unlike the crew of the mother ship dilemma on this matter), except that they knew nothing about this area, yet the captain still felt it was a stroke of luck. Billy Coleman, the chemical engineering engineer who sees everything through his booklet, was different from the situation and could say a sixth sense, as one might say, and a heavy sense of superstition through his permanent smile and sarcastic expression, as if they had landed in Venus & 39; perdition, from the location of the centuries, thinking since then, where are all the wolves – in fact, anger was latent, not only wolves.

But here they were here and they had to do their best, and they had one ability to take off the mother ship that was circling venus the troposphere, and there was no second space pod, if there was any mistake, no time to change maneuvers. As they moved from the spacecraft to the hot rock, the supernatural delusion infiltrated through the veins of astronaut Coleman, looking at the blue skies, all heated up as if by fiery fire, most of them lying on the bursa.

Each of the three feet made progress within this suspension valley – a kind of usual vigilance, seeing the towering high walls, and many huge openings in the magical coastal surface, oblivious to their functions, where there were no oceans or the waterways they knew. Among the surface dirt, they found some plasma-like material, mixed inside, completely detect, if in fact. Johnson concluded that she would get closer and closer: the experience would make her a reality, when the time came, and sometimes she would be exposed to a strange race of foreign terrestrial DNA if it was, and she could be awarded the Millennium Technology Award.

The more they look at this plasma material they find on the stones and inside the clay. Bailey then found a detailed design and design of two serpentine coils in one of the deep cracks that pop up, resembling the behavior of a worm or a large snake. Captain Jungher climbed up the sides of the slopes and discovered broken and deep bones, all of which chewed into her marrow, cracked and open, which assured Dr. Johnson, what all earth scientists had rejected, and predicted there was no life in Venus! This was not the case, which Edgar Rice Burroughs never took into account Venus' dynamism, because it was not known at that time, when he wrote his books, his own Venus series, in fact not discovered until the first two decades of the century Twenty one.

As I was about to say, Billy fell down the rope – what I thought was a harmless opening, looked like an obelite, around its edges being a favorite material: one of many large hurricane packs, several hundred feet of cable, What was there down? (His thing: he must fall, he traveled). Thus, Billy pulled the rope slowly as if in a necrotic wave, from and to the so-called exit, and the aperture and wing of a large size, can accommodate a free fall even to their space. As he was lifting the umbilical cord, Dr. Johnson looked at the camera, because there was a weight at the end of the rope, where he reached the last few feet, then threw several large worm. Like the creatures, with round heads, little patience like teeth, and where they skinned their bodies backwards, they all fell, worms and Billy together, fell into the mass of darkness, on the night of the Ebony from the worm hideout, with a ringing cry, the home of the venomous worms: She was so repugnant to Dr. Johnson through her wing.

Dr. Johnson gets everything in the film, and Billy Coleman, with a sudden argument in his disappearance of the face with venus worms, which they whisper to – and signed – to their torment. It was, I think, an irreversible point of loss for him.

Now, the captain was quick to listen to her thoughtful and astounding voice, and Dr. Johnson quickly updated it (because he looked at the opening, saw nothing but the eyes, as if it were a phosphoric in nature) Worms as if they were magnetized on their soil, they had leapt to the side of the cache at speed, like spiders in their nets. Dr. Johnson came in near to fainting, looked up, and blessed, as if he were in the cellars of Paradise. The captain had to prove it, the worms were seen, they were everywhere, they were: in the opposite direction, diagonally, it was impossible not to come forward. In their faces, round, with fangs like wild cats, showing hatred, picked up at the feet of the world and the captain. His mind mixed up in a strange confusion. For Dr. Johnson, it seemed like there was a dark flag for all this. Such as darkness, such as darkness to a frightening degree, in all this, as if this was Venus. Hell.

"We need to go immediately to the space pod and get out of here before he comes after us!" Dr Johnson, with horryilation, claimed in a cyclopean fright. When they made haste, there were a million or more worms that chewed on her pod. The captain's last message to the mother ship was extremely ominous and miserable, "there is a cache of Venus worm like snakes, in a wicked hideout, not descending …" which was not all that impossible, although the ship was not connected to such a When they closed the worms, they played a ceremonial role in it. They took off their mechanical uniform, which had a cooling system in it and was resistant to heat. As a result, they could not be counted to cope with their fate. To the wolf planet), such as ash to the dirt, before the worms can eat them something The flesh and bones dry; save, now no one left with the knowledge of its true form, that is, the shape of those little warriors of tyrants, who were clothed in filth, who clung to the disk like white on rice. Meanwhile, the mother ship trying to make contact, without any effort with the three astronauts, assumed that the worst left its orbit to return to Earth. As pale and non-animated worms, elevated in high place, in a demonic triumph.

The return journey of Yig (from Venus) (Part III of III)

The crew of the mother ship, shouted and muttered, made unequal appeals to the captain to land on Venus. The surface of the investigation into the death of the three astronauts, still others, the most courageous, prayed in front of Christ's wood on the Great Cross in the church aboard the ship, Turning to it, taking the advice provided by Professor Marg Johnson, to hightail out of Venus' orbit. Loss was not authorized, but loss is always part of a journey. What exactly happened was the cavity of the crew, and "Yig" at twenty speed at present, with the echo of the storm he carried back the track back to Earth, a shameful journey from what was now considered an inhabited stronghold on Venus.

The crew with flame, filled eyes, overlooking the harbor windows, so as not to see the finishing touches of the flower, did not shed tears to escape from that mess on the planet. In the distant distance, a wave of gravity came, threw the spacecraft, stumbled, but did not cause any excessive damage to the vehicle, and the captain re-tuned to the ground, such as hitting him with a large platform of astrophysical winds, and to survive. Their impact, shook the crew fairly seriously, but largely fatal. Then came the bombardment of shrapnel, resembling someone fluttering rocks from an asteroid in a ship, as if some were being massively behind the mess. Then a few crew members said they saw this presence, embodied in the figure, called Asmodeus, Demon of Destruction. The walls of the church were closed, and they had to be closed and locked away from the rest of the ship.

Those that were in a church were crushed in the pulp of blood, and it was as if this was a real giant demon, and Yig followed from Venus. As such, the chaos, were not any residues, the ship was attacked. سيتم تسجيله للأجيال القادمة: كما لم تكن حكايات من غير المبررة ، والشبح أو الشيطانة فطيرة الوولتون غير مقبول للقبطان.

واستمر طاقم السفينة مع مهامهم اليومية ، واجباتهم ، وكلها في جنون جنون ، في انتظار Asmodeus للقيام الشر القادم شيطاني.

وضع Chaplin Rosaries في كل مكان ممكن ، على مقابض الباب ، على أسرة الجميع ، وهكذا ، لدرء هذه الروح البغيضة التي تلتها مثل الأبيض على الأرز. سألوا إذا كانوا قد أيقظوه من مخبأه على كوكب الزهرة! لذلك كان يشاع. كان ينظر إلى الشريك من قبل العديد من أعضاء طاقم السفينة. الوجود ، لم يفتح الهوية بنفسه ، ثم اختفى ، ولذا سيكون من الشاق أن يجعل من أي معنى أكثر من هذه المعايير. وبعد أشهر من السفر إلى الفضاء ، تلاشت الفظائع في التقاليد ، أكثر من الواقع ، وتساءل الجميع على متنها إذا كانوا قد رأوا بالفعل ما قالوا إنه رأوه ، وهي خلية مفعمة بالحيوية ، لكنها مستقرة ، وثابتة ، ولا فوضى ، ومع ظهور الأرض في العرض ، سوف يحجبون هذه القصة ، خشية أن يفقدوا وظيفة جيدة الأجر.

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