What is it about celebrities and private jets?

When the final status code of a private jet becomes more popular among the celebrity community, there are many bizarre examples of what you can use for your jet. Let's look at two aspects of celebrity life, where some people lose all sense of reality, and others seem to be re-visiting their human side.

Here is a cruise

Tom Cruise has had his own plane for many years, although his lifestyle has become more secret, and far from the real world, we have recently seen a new use of his jet plane. He sent his assistants to pick up his groceries!

True, it was confirmed earlier this year that Cruise and his fiancée Katie Holmes developed a thirst for sodium soda. However, instead of raiding the refrigerator to see what remains of the cooled drinks Tom Cruise left his aides to use his own plane to travel to the city, from Colorado's isolated farmhouse. The plane was forced to stand on the runway for two hours, while its faithful aides went to the city for the most expensive drinks ever seen in the world. This definitely caused a stir at the local airport !!

john Travolta

Maybe the actor John Travolta is the best known celebrity with his own plane, in fact he has more than one private jet and he is a qualified pilot !!

While we hear about many celebrities in their starry lifestyle, far from reality, and apparently not affected by disasters, some seem to have put their "power" in good use. In the aftermath of Hurricane Louisiana, John Travolta boarded his own plane with only one thing in his mind, to bring a little sunshine to the lives of heavily affected Louisiana residents. Just do it …..

Along with their celebrity colleagues Oprah Winfrey and Shawn Bean, Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston distributed food and medical supplies that are invaluable to desperate residents in the severely affected area. It was a joy to stay on their faces to see such a reflection of the "untouchables" stars.

While the money can not buy you love, can bring a little happiness in the world ……..