Why you should read a 12-year-old slave from North Solomon

12 years old slave Written by Solomon Northup, a free black man who lived in Saratoga Springs, New York. In 1841, he accompanied two men to Washington for Solomon to work as a violinist in the circus. However, Solomon was kidnapped and sold in slavery, and eventually shipped to Louisiana. It would take until 1853 to escape from Louisiana and bring him home in New York. He reads a good amount of book discussing his twelve years in captivity. There are two main reasons why you should read this book.

The first reason: Suleiman paints a more realistic picture of slavery

Suleiman spent most of his captivity with Master Epps, but spent some time with Master Tidbit and William Ford. Describes each person with different personalities. While he describes both Tidbit and Epps as cruel slaves, he has a more favorable view of William Ford. Ford allowed Suleiman to use his carpentry skills when he suggested putting the records on the river for faster delivery to the wood mill. He also fled to Ford Farm when Tidbit tried to hit him for the second time. Sulaiman also describes one of his colleagues, Eliza, as a teacher who wanted to give Eliza his freedom, but because of his wife, he was unable to do so.

During his time in captivity, Suleiman refers to the presence of some sympathetic professors who have not adopted the cruelty and punishment of other slaves. When I read this book, it helped me realize that the cruelty of slavery was not uniform throughout the South. There were some professors who were more kindly than others, and perhaps had donated to their slaves freedom if they were in full control. But as Solomon pointed out in the book, the blame was on the system, not on the slaves themselves.

The second reason: Suleiman paints a more realistic impression of white people at the time

Sulaiman Do not blame White people in the south or in any part of the country because of the cruelty involved in slavery. On the contrary, he focused the blame on the system itself and how people were subjected to it at the time. On board the vessel en route to New Orleans, a white sailor helped Solomon write a letter to his family explaining where he was and what had happened to him. William Ford, a white man, was more than fair to Suleiman in terms of his help when Tedbett tried to hit him. Samuel Bass, who supports the abolition of white slavery from Canada, helped to write the message that would gain his freedom.

They do not mock the white people in the South or the whites in general for any of the acts of cruelty that have occurred to him. realized, As should the reader , That there were white people even in the south were willing to mix with blacks and help them at a time of danger. Hopefully this book will dispel many stereotypes that the reader may have about slavery and white people at the time.