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Spices from Cajun Country is what many people seem to think first when they hear the name of Louisiana and especially Cajun. There is a misconception that "Cajun" means very warm in everything that is made, but this is not the case. Cajun cooking is based on a slightly flavorful flavoring recipe but not on top use of it. We only use enough spices and spices to take out and inflate the taste of our food. There are many different brands and brands on the Cajun seasoning on the market, so let's go to some of the most popular species and others that may be available in the place where you live or some people you may want to request and try.

Tony Chachere's
This is probably the most famous brand name for Cajun spices and most likely in a supermarket near you. Found in homes around the area here and have a flavor and a good round base. It is a versatile spice and can be used on almost anything to add some cajun flavors. Based on the base of Creole / Cajun seasoning with salts / file / and many spices and herbs. If you are looking for your first taste of Cajun flavor and flavor, this is a great place to start.

Well, I think everyone is talking about Tabasco. This company has grown into many world-wide trade offerings of various Cajun Pepper Sauces and other different ingredients. Located in the heart of Cajun County on Avery Island it still places some of the best tasting elements of Louisiana. Tapasco Sauce, now known as red or green, is a delicious seasoning with better than average burn, and has become a favorite throughout Cajun State. There is no type of Tabasco products that you decide to take samples of will not be disappointed as the quality is higher shelf.

Zatarain & s
The New Orleans-based company has continued to offer some exquisite cajun and caryol over the years. They offer great choices in the Cajun and Creole spice markets along with many other products such as boxed blends for red beans / seafood / okra / etouffee etc. Spice mixtures are based on the recipe for years Cajun culture and offer a very balanced mix that certainly raises taste buds. I certainly will not pass an opportunity to grab the taste of Zatarains production line.

Slap ya Mama
One of the newer spice marks on the scene in Louisiana is that they pick up quickly for the rest. They offer a very nice line of Cajun seasoning mixes including original white pepper, seafood boil, and hot mix. In a very variety of mixtures and can easily find their way to almost anything to add a wonderful Cajun kick. Its probably a little more kick than some of the previously mentioned blends but at the same time it is not above the crest on the burning meter. This brand began to emerge more and more across Cajun State at the dinner table and cooking.

These are some of the most popular brands, but there are many local blends and blends that have been developed over the years by great chefs from Cajun country. The taste of Louisiana and Cajun does not know any end. Hope you all enjoy!