The Green Mile – Stephen King

Green Mile is a film about a series of events about the execution of Louisiana in the 1930s. The original story was written by Stephen King. The film was directed by Frank Darpon, who wrote the script. Tom Hanks plays the role of principal character Paul Edgecomb, co-starring Michael Clarke Duncan as John Covey.

The film focuses on Paul Edgcombe, head of the guard at the death row. Paul and his guards keep an unusual prisoner, John Covey. Coffey is a giant man and very high and fluffy. Kofi was convicted of raping and killing two young girls. At first, the guards were worried about Kofi, but his pleasant nature quickly changed from the guards' perception of him.

John Covey quickly displays unusual healing powers. He gets urinary bladder infection and returns to the mouse killed by another. The guards realize that Kofi has supernatural powers and that they will be lost when he is executed.

Wife of the director of a reform facility sick with the disease. Paul Edgecomb dissatisfied with this news to his friend. The guards set up a plan to smuggle John Covey from prison, to the jailer's house, to treat the wife of the prison warden, and then return Covey to the green slope. They all risk their jobs, and perhaps the criminals themselves become to move Kofi inside and outside the prison. Coffey is taken to the observer's home, where the disease is removed from the wife of the prison commander.

The story also contains the character of Percy Wetmore. Percy is a wicked and unsuccessful prison officer. He terrifies and wounds the prisoners. He is unlike other guards, who are high-ranking prison officers but unpopular. Wetmore agrees to switch to a different location if it is responsible for the next execution. Correspondent agreement is held. However, Wetmore sabotage the electric shock, causing the maximum suffering to the guest.

John Covey seeks revenge for Percy Whitmore, because of the pain he caused the guest during electrocution. After Coffey returns to The Green Mile, from the observer's home, the disease, which he removed from the prison's wife's wife, is transferred to Percy. Percy is then set in a permanent gamoody state.

A violent prisoner named William Wharton arrives at The Green Mile. During one scene, Wharton grabs Kofi's arm, which sees Wharton as the real killer of the girls who sent Kofi to death. He then uses his powers to convey this image to Paul Edgcombe, chief of the Guard.

With this information Powell is still Edgecomb to implement John Covey. A man knows that he is innocent and possesses incredible powers.

The film said in the flashback. Paul is now an older man, explaining the chain of events to another resident in the nursing home. After the story is told, Edgecomb reveals that he is now 108 years old. This is a frightening side effect to John Covey's life forces. However, Paul believes that passing it on to his relatives and friends is a punishment from God for not executing Kofi.

The death sentence in Louisiana is called the "Green Mile" because the death sentence is often called the "last mile". In Louisiana the land is green.

The Green Mile was written by Stephen King. The king has written two prison sentences, The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Both were adapted with films, directed by Frank Darpon.

Green Mile was nominated for four Academy Awards in 2000. She was the best actor in supporting roles, the best picture, the best voice and the best writing: a script based on the material that was previously produced or published. She did not win any of these awards.