History of inflatable houses bounce

In 1959 the first inflatable bounce house was designed. John Scherlock of Shreveport, Louisiana, has experimented with inflatable areas for tennis courts. He soon noticed that his workers enjoyed jumping with inflatable covers. John Scurlock is a mechanical engineer, then designed and manufactured some inflatable tents, inflatable domes and inflatable signs. They quickly became very popular and helpful to many. His greatest achievement in this area was the invention of safe airbags. This product is now widely used by fire and rescue departments to hold people jumping from the highlands.

It was the first manufacturer of inflatable and space spaces in New Orleans in a leased warehouse. In 1968, a woman named Francis began leasing a rental company, and in 1976 she built a facility dedicated to manufacturing and leasing these products. Promote their inflatable items on various occasions such as birthday parties for children, school jobs, picnics and many other occasions. Rubberies gained gradually grown popularity. Frank Ben Francis has expanded his rental business throughout the United States under the title "Walking in Space" and "Inflatable Zoo". Frank also founded the inflatable indoor playground, named after the Thanksgiving Fun Factory of 1986 in Metairie, Louisiana. In 1987, the second unit of this park was opened in Memphis, Tennessee, named Fun Plex. They invented the first inflatable, which was an open top rank that had no sides and was called a space pad.

To solve the warm problem, an innovative product was launched. In 1974 Jupiter Gump was born. These hops have amplified the columns to support the walls so that the air can pass through The Modern Jump. In the early 1990s, Frank produced the first inflatable watercraft known as the Aqua Tunnel.

With the introduction of computer-aided design or CAD, the variety of hops offered today is huge and limited only to human imagination.