Review BloodRayne for the PlayStation 2 (PS2), the XBox, and the Nintendo GameCube

BloodRayne is dramatically different from other games. The character of this game, Rayne, is very provocative and has a body that turns heads, but that's not what makes this game special. Many games have women wearing revealing clothes. What gives this character and this game a more sexual feeling is that they are part of a vampire. Vampires are often portrayed in a sexual light because of the intimate relationship between the vampire and the victim during breastfeeding. This game includes a sexually charged female character like a heroine and gives her some sort of horror film with all the creatures that Rayne has to fight. Any woman can kick out a butt while wearing nothing besides making a great video game personality.

BoodRayne is about half the sexy half-human vampire who works to rid the world of supernatural activity because of black magic. She was recruited by and takes orders from a secret agency. Throughout the game, the agency deals with this agency to update them on the level of their progress and receive new requests. Since agents are only half a vampire, they do not share the same weaknesses as full vampires, yet they have to be careful about water and sunlight. This is especially difficult in the first part of the game that is set in the Louisiana swamps.

Ryan's agent is sent to the Louisiana swamps in the 1930s to kill zombies and giant spiders. Its goal is to rid the marshes of all giant nests so that there is no more cloning of this abomination. This part of the game swings a bit, but if you can only hang there, this action moves in the next area to which it is sent.

Five years after the end of the Louisiana mission, the client Ryan received new orders from the agency to oust the Nazis because of their work with black magic. Its goal is to find the laboratory where these experiments are conducted and put an end to them. This area is a lot of fun to play because Rayne agents extend to some really scary monsters.

The client earns many abilities as the game progresses, giving a lot of flavor to the gameplay. You can see the enemies through the walls and guided by the red light to their targets. This helps to navigate through difficult areas that are easy to lose. Agent Rayne can move very quickly in order to avoid the shots that come to him. This move works great when there are 12 enemies shooting at you simultaneously. Then there is the anger of the blood that grows as it is kicked with a butt. This bar will be filled so that you can use your dinner attack which increases the amount of damage caused by the enemy.

Personally, my favorite part of the game is that Ryan's employee can feed on any of her enemies. When her life feeds and the life of the enemy increases. Jumping on the enemy and feeding when there is a lot of gunfir works wonderfully because you can use the person as a shield of bullets. While the Ryan factor is feeding it, it raises an impressive noise that makes you know how much you enjoy it.

The Rayne Agent comes equipped with knives and swords to kill enemies. Attacks with these swords can be truly horrific. It can cut the victim to death, cut off her head, or even push her; all of them are equally bloody. The blood spreads all over the walls, all over the floors, everywhere, and stays there even after leaving the area helping you to see if you have already gone to that area. The agent (Ryan) can pick up the stray guns. These are very easy to use because all you have to do is lock and shoot. The guns come in handy when they outnumber.

Graphics are decent. Each of the new areas you go to is both interesting and looks very realistic. The camera on the other hand can get stuck sometimes and usually the only way to fix it is to reset the game. The player can interact with almost anything in the game, for example it can smash the office, destroy the elements, and can tear the blinds making the ripping sound very realistic.

This game is very long, but on the other hand the game is relatively easy so it must be flying through them a breeze. One thing to keep in mind is that it starts slow and somewhat boring, but the farther in the game you get the more interesting it becomes. I would recommend it if you have time to devote it.