My visit with former policeman Antoinette Franks in death – Convicted killer killer and serial killer?

A few weeks ago, I communicated with Antoinette Franks through correspondence and phone calls, and eventually I visited her in the death row to meet her personally.

Many of you may have heard about her case, but to those who have not heard of it, here is a concise summary of her case and her conviction. Antoinette Franks was a police officer in New Orleans (now 37) who was convicted of stealing the Kim Ann restaurant in eastern New Orleans while the policeman was on March 4, 1995. By robbing a policeman named Ronald Williams, (Which she had previously known and worked with) and two were brothers. She and another man (also convicted and sentenced to death) as Roger La Caze for stealing (Google's name and / or going to Wikipedia to view her image).

Later, after her arrest, an investigation revealed the body of a man buried under her house, believed to be her father, who had previously reported that he was missing, so some described as fatal! She was convicted and sentenced to death on 12 September 1995 and is now awaiting execution at the Louisiana Women's Reform Institute in San Gabriel, Louisiana (outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana).

At first, I and I were dealing with the possibility of writing a book together, and to my knowledge, I was the only journalist / writer I spoke to after 13 years after many requests by others. The reason she said she called me was because she thought I would tell her part of the story accurately. Later, after our visit, we decided that this was impossible and I will share with you later.

On a cold and rainy day, I arrived at the prison compound, needless to say, had to carry a lot of security measures. Search, questions, and re-search. The person's background must be investigated in detail before being allowed to see a condemned prisoner. When I entered the private cell in Antoinette, we exchanged pleasantries and finally succeeded in working … what could be a possible book about. It took us a few hours to visit, and we covered a lot about her life as well as my life.

Now why we could not write a book together. Antoinette's attitude to me was contradictory. On the one hand, I was left with the impression that this book would be a confession, and wanted the world (and God) to forgive her, especially the family of the victim. But on the other hand, she steadfastly refused to give up her appeals! Why is this for me, appeals? Why did I ask her about her pleas? Well, my position is if you are guilty before God, why appeal? The appeal in essence still states that you are innocent!

My position was that if I was guilty, I admitted it (you mentioned that there were already two eyewitnesses on the whole crime and admitted at first, but later). I really believed, according to her many letters, that she found God, was ready for "cleansing", and that I wrote about her repentance. Why do we write another book?

As many of you know, I was once a rogue policeman, and I gave up on the law in 2001 because I really rebelled from my past and wanted to pay the price and become a citizen of the world again. I have not only regretted God, but all that I have suffered over the years.

One might ask, but Robert, while on death row, is due to a lethal injection, why not call? I was also due to die! In 1979, when I became a fugitive, I ran because a word outside the prison of Angola (and this was known) was that I would be raped and killed on the first day! A policeman can not survive among prison inmates in general, especially prisoners who hold some of the prisoners placed by the policeman there!

I was still looking at the same time as the prison and DEATH on my surrender! If, for some reason, I am placed in solitary humility, I still have to do what we call respectively.

Does math, 30 years "without" parole, at the age of 45, means that I am 75 at the time of release (if you are alive after 30 years). This is a kind of death, and some may argue that death is better than life in prison (30 years). If not for my belief in God, and my desire to repent, I think the judge would have given me that time. For me, this is the key to freedom … repentance to God, apology to the victim (victims), and stay free of crime. Do not believe in God? Well, that's your right, then apologize to your victim and stay free of crime!

After a few weeks of our visit, I can understand her fear though. I've caught the catch 22: I admit you're guilty, drop your calls, and maybe you receive death before much. Catch the other, use your appeals (average time 12-15 years of appeals) and extend your living time, if you sit sitting in a living cell.

What did you get out of that visit, many messages, and Antoinette's knowledge?

I am grateful because the Lord finally gave me strength so that I would not fear death or 30 years, and gave me faith to know that it was true. I am glad that I obeyed his commandments to surrender … first to him, then to apply the law! My faith … please do not hurt others!

(Please note: This author donates the proceeds from his COP OUT book to various organizations that abuse women and children!)

Hardy Palm: Sabal Palms – Part

Sabal is the largest collection of harsh palm available today. The genus has 15-16 species of the New World and seven are native to the South of the United States including S. etonia, S. mexicana, S. miamiensis, Sabal minor, S. minor var. louisiana, S. palmetto, and x x texensis. Trees like sand roads are better than mud, although they will grow in modified mud soil.

s. Bermudia (Bermuda Palmetto Palm)

(syn: S. blackburniana) We traveled to Bermuda in 2000 to collect seed for this is rarely offered in exchange for our original product S. palmetto. In appearance S. bermudiana resembled S. palmetto stolen but it evolved in a way far from the shore. As seedlings, our plants showed an exceptional growth rate far exceeding any other Sabal that has grown. Although our plants have existed since 2003, and although they were fried on the ground each year under 12 degrees Fahrenheit, they were able to return every season, but they would never reach their size of 20 … Type of defeats and purpose Of the presence of the palm tree. (Hardness Zone 8b-10)

Birmingham & # 39;

Birmingham was one of the most talked about hardy palms for years. The original palm grew by Birmingham, the Alabama gardener, Miss Alexander, who received the palm of California. She survived in her garden for more than 40 years before moving to the Birmingham Botanic Gardens in Alabama in 1976. This palpitations look somewhat similar, but are more rough than S. Palmetto, which is much slower than B. Sometimes the Palm will get a trunk, but nothing like a typical palmetto size. The original palm (after lots of re-sites) died inside the park. All plants are grown from the original offspring distributed by the Woodlands Nursery. There are many debts for what is actually this palm. It was considered the same as S. louisiana, S. palmetto, S. minor, S. x texensis and Brazoria, and in the 1986 Principles, a combination of S. mexicana or S. palmetto. More and more, it looks like Birmingham may be minor … DNA tests will be necessary to know for sure. Our 13-year-old factory now has 9 & 9; 9 x long wide. (Hardness Zone 7b-10)

S. x texensis & Brazoria (Brazoria Palmetto)

This rare palm, formerly known as S. x texensis from Brazoria County, Texas, is probably a form of S. breakers that can reach 20 degrees in maturity. It was considered to be a median hybrids, possibly between minor S. (without stem) and S. mexicana (long trunk), but DNA tests eliminated this possibility. The giant green leaf shaped fan is a typical foliage. Be aware that most plants are sold while S. x texensis are actually S. mexicana less hardened. Our plants, which had existed since 1999, did not show any damage in the winter. In our opinion, this is very similar to S. var var. louisiana, which is the last of the earth's diverse sub-variables. (Hardness Zone 7b-10)

S. etonia (Palmetto screed)

This mild poisoning in Florida has proved to be very dry sandy soil, another great cool cold palm. S. etonia is a dry, dwarf habitat and a subterranean walker, S. palmetto implanted with the same costapalmate leaves (center of the paper bent down). S. etonia also contains much smaller leaves with smaller pieces of foliage than any minor S. or S. palmetto. As you age, expect the appearance of tiny thread-like threads on the leaves … perfect for tailoring if you find yourself on the sand dunes of Central Florida without needle and thread. In the wild, you rarely see these taller than 3, but in the case of cultivation, may run out in 6 long. S. etonia has a wide range in Florida and if you are looking for hardness in the winter, be sure to get plants from North Florida residents. (Hardness Zone 7b-10)

S. mexicana (Mexican van Palm)

S. mexicana, formerly known as S. texana, is the Mexican equivalent of S. palmetto. Due to drought tolerance and low humidity, it is a better choice in areas of Texas and West of S. Palmetto, where it tops at 50 degrees in altitude. Much of the information written about S. mexicana mixes these species already with the other Texas strain S. Braxoria & Brazoria, which is much more winter-hardy and smaller than S. S. mexicana. Unfortunately, this mixture was transferred to Sabal seed sources, which contain two plants that are quite specific in this trade.

New Orleans Jazz – News & Views – Kid Thomas

Kid Thomas Valentine's Day – trumpet – vocals and a bag of tricks! Born Reserve Louisiana 3rd February 1896. Died 16th June 1987 In New Orleans.

Kid Thomas was a band leader from 1922 onwards and led bands throughout Louisiana, but he was always based in New Orleans.

I want to quote from "The Penguin's Guide to Jazz on CD" by Richard Cook and Brian Morton. Their wonderful words can not be improved on this subject. "He came close to this wonderful profession with Zen simplicity, reducing the voice of New Orleans to its basics and creating a lifetime of work among them, an audible sound like angry anger, which created a dramatic drama and a musical depth.

Kid Thomas has made more number of amazing recordings, and many of them are available to you on CD now! But at first caution: music and musicians produce a sound like fine wine or coffee – it may take time to get a taste; but when you do you will become addicted to life.

Try the 1961 "Kid Thomas – George Lewis Ragtime Stompers" on GHB bcd-5. Classic real. Try "The December Band" from 1965 on GHB BCD-197 and BCD-198. Then try "New Orleans, The Living Legends" Kid Thomas and the rest in Algeria Stompers on Riverside OCJCCD-1833 -2 of 1961.

This is one of the rare occasions in which I have had a good fortune when I personally know with Thomas Kid Albert Burbank and Emmanuel Paul as my dear friends. In 1963 – 4 I toured with Kid Thomas and Emmanuelle Paul throughout the UK on their tour with Kid Martyn Ragtime. My payment to use my bus and driving it for many miles was a pleasure and a privilege, a privilege to play a session at Studio 51 the Ken Colyer Club with the representatives of the Gothic Jazz Band and Kid Thomas andn Emmanuel Paul. After much, back to Australia, it was a pleasure to renew their friendship with them when they were touring the show show – they shared the theater with Dizzy Gillespie. I always remember one of those non-jazz reporters at Sydney airport asking Art Blakey how he felt about playing a concert with these "primitive musicians". Art said, "It is a great honor for us to play at the same stage as these gentlemen.

The child Thomas Valentine was a mystery, although I spent long hours with him, his conversation was like a trumpet game: choppy, brief, and his. Only a few male melody line. Just one night in a hotel room in Melbourne, Australia with most of his band and some Sydney Jazz Club executives, including myself, allowed himself to leave. He told us wonderful stories about his early days as a gang leader in New Orleans, and the astonishing eccentricity of those musicians long ago on the vehicles. I wish I had a recording device, but again happily we have a lot of recorded music.

My first purchase was Riverside Kid Thomas and Muscat First Set, which I recommended earlier. Apart from the missing Emmanuelle Paul, this band had a long history of playing together. Put on the Panama rag, it's hotter than the fire furnaces! Gully House Blues can bring tears to the eyes! Sami Ben is the real drum player and I hope to write about him in a future article.

When the band stormed the song "Smile Darn You Smile" in St Pancras Town Hall, it was ecstasy, just like the record, and although Alonzo Stewart was not between Sammy Penn, the overall effect was electrified, and we knew we were in the presence of living legends.

Kid Thomas Valentine was an artist, and his bag of tricks was with him at all times. Slap sticks, maracas, tambourines, bonnets "cow's milk blues" and always the biggest smile New Orleans!

Quotations: A Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD by Richard Cook Brian Morton (Penguin Press)

American Crocodile Facts and Information

Description of American crocodile

The American crocodile has a very thick body and has amazing power. Even the tail has a larger force behind it than the normal adult man. Males are usually about 14 feet long, while females are about 10 feet tall. The largest single in history was just over 19 feet. Like all crocodiles have very sharp teeth but this one holds the record for the strongest bite any animal in the whole world.

There is a rare genetic mutation that can make some American crocodile Alpino. They lack genes to create melanin. They are present in the wild but very rare. Given their fascination with them although they are usually reared in captivity as an attraction in crocodile farms.

Distribution of American crocodile

You will only find an American crocodile in the southern part of the United States. This includes Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia. The largest number is in Florida and has a population of about 2 million.

They do well in the wetlands here. However, they also have a big problem because they have to share these areas with humans. Its natural habitat is still smaller and smaller at all times. They are usually attached to fresh water, but they can also work well in salt water.

The behavior of the American crocodile

They are very intelligent animals and will deeply study their environment. They are able to pick up other animal patterns that come to the area quickly. They are slow on the ground but do not underestimate them in the water. They can be aggressive but mostly tend to do so only when they feel threatened.

American Crocodile Diet and Nutrition

Wetland areas, where the American crocodile lives, provide plenty of food for the American crocodile. In fact, without them here, the Florida and Louisiana areas will have big problems to deal with. This is due to the abundance of rodents present in these areas. They make up the majority of food source for this type of crocodile.

They will also eat a variety of birds, snakes and different mammals in the area. What they will eat depends on where they live and their size. When they are too big you will go for mammals including deer and cattle. It is also known to bring down a bear or tiger successfully.

Swallows his food completely and uses his sharp teeth to break it into pieces. They will also consume sand and rocks. These ingredients help to grind the food in the stomach.

American Crocodile Reproduction

Mating occurs in the spring as temperatures begin to increase. Can hear male vocal and vocal sounds during this time. It strives to be able to attract females with those voices. At the same time, they give warnings to other males to get away.

After mating, the couple will go to their own directions. The female will be preoccupied with creating a nest. It may take several weeks to do this. You will use whatever you can find including rocks, sticks and mud. You can put 20 to 50 eggs in this nest and then build on it. They do it to keep their warmth and prevent the predators from finding it.

The young man will be born after about 65 days. They will make the journey from eggs to water with their mother. You will take care of them until they reach five months of age. Many of these offspring will be eaten by different predators in the water before they mature.

Save the American Alligator

At this time, there are no efforts to preserve the place of the American crocodile. They do a good job in their natural environment. There are efforts being made despite helping to prevent more of its habitat from being taken over by humans. Accurate assessments are made before building is allowed in many of these areas.

Dr. Tomy Bowen has been pulling his weight for some time now

When Tommy Boone was eight years old, his father installed a pull rod in the bedroom door he shared with his brother. For a full year thereafter, Mr Boone encouraged his children to develop the ability to make more and more withdrawals. "After the first year," said Tommy, "withdrawals have become commonplace for both of us.

Pull-ups translate into gymnastics and long-term fitness

This habit of withdrawal, instilled by Mr. Boone in his sons, has helped children develop more and more upper-body strength and related sporting interests as they grow into adulthood. "In my case," Tommy said, "the accumulated tape translated into a gymnastics interest, which in turn led me to the Northwestern University of Louisiana where I competed in gymnastics for four years while I was in physical education." To be more precise, Tommy Boone was an American gymnastic American gymnast in 1966, and had a tow bar that his father put when he was eight as a guiding light.

My father was a lawyer, but …

Boone's father, a professional speaker, was a lawyer and a senator who worked with legendary pop icon Hughy (Kingfish Long) who cast a long shadow over Louisiana's policy. "My father always wanted to go to law school and follow his footsteps, so I was very disappointed when I announced my intention to study and train physical education," said Boone.

"On the other hand," he said, "my father was always very conscious, sensitive to the importance of physical strength and health, and the Bar Pulling Doors is a big indicator of this recognition.In a few years to my studies in Northwestern, my father once dragged me and He reconsidered, I think I might be in something interesting after all.

From master to doctorate.

As it turned out, Mr. Boone's insight into the prophetic biology had evolved into a complete industry in the 1970s and 1980s. Tommy followed his teaching and teaching dreams, by completing his Masters in Northwestern, and immediately took teaching and training at the University of Northeast Louisiana, in Monroe, Los Angeles, in 1968, then, he received a teaching post at the University of Florida In 1969. He remained for two years, but despite his encouragement to stick to the task, Bonn moved to the University of Florida to pursue a Ph.D. In exercise physiology.

Jump in the future

Jumping into the future, Dr. Tommy Boone has covered much of the land since those Florida days. Currently, he heads the aerobic physiology department of St. Louis. Scholastica College in Duluth, Minnesota where since 1993-1994. It has also been published many times (articles, books, websites, blogs, etc.) to the extent that it alone could have prevented an entire administration from perishing if it wanted to.

American Society of Physicists Exercise

He is also co-founder and first president of the American Society of Physiology of Exercise (ASEP), an international group of more than 500 physicists dedicated to saving relevant research from the ivory tower and translating it into practical hands to be implemented by real people. Real families, who will stay on real streets in real neighborhoods around the real world.

Bonnie warns of dangers …

In an insightful article entitled "Many Collective Ideas" leads to conformity and failure, Boone recorded eight fatal sins of collective thinking, including thinking, stereotypes, self-censorship, rationalization, direct pressure, delusions of anonymity, And immunity. . All this works against the possibility of finding real solutions to real problems (such as childhood obesity) in today's world. Collective thinking can be a major obstacle to creative problem solving in hierarchies, budgets, and people who are traditionally paid for thinking, meeting together and effectively avoiding their relative comfort zones.

Comfort areas do not need to be applied

In Bonn's own words, "The ASEP is not an organization for researchers who want to stay in their own comfort zone." Exercising the functions of the members in our eyes, is all about improving the quality of life for people all over the world. We lose our goal. "Therefore, quality training is a kind of quality that deeply protects the bones of Dr. Tommy Bonnie. The opportunities are all that has been given a major leap in the league after his father installed a simple pull bar at the entrance, encouraged his children to learn the hands on the value lessons he created Regular work over a period of time.

Practical tips for parents today

Speaking of moving the research to the street level, we decided to ask Dr. Tommy Boon what kind of advice he could give parents in the 21st century as they wrestled with issues such as childhood obesity and fitness in the face of television, video games, computers, and cars that take them all Place, physical education curricula are being cut faster than you can say any child left behind? Provide the following advice.

"The most important thing parents can do to children is to design things that they want them to do, they speak louder than words," said Bunn. "If you want to eat your children properly, show them how to eat yourself." If you want them to be physically active, it is best to be ready to walk … literally if you want them to avoid tobacco, alcohol and drugs, then Set the right example for yourself, and if you say something and do something else, you lose all your credibility, and when parents lack credibility, we all lose.

Worlds behind the den of the worm Venus (in three parts)

Timeline of Mars

(Mars to Venus) (Part I of the Third))

It was known that Dr. Marg Johnson of the Louisiana Space Station, one of the leading scientists and young people, had her theories Mars and Mars, and life on Venus (and the two resting places were a great place to suffer, now a single graveyard of bone, From the coffin of the world). For Ms. Johnson, she is kept secret from all her men and women who feel scientists; for her more than theories, she is part of being a witch who can – even felt – her assumptions.

They were clear in 2034 AD and were the first woman on Mars, and then Venus, if the edifice went according to plan. It has been confirmed in relation to Mars, the interior, and the things required by (quantum inference) (brainstorming in essence) that they give only by the magicians of long-standing legends, who have spoken in riddles and rhymes, that nothing in the space station can That explains, or if it can be, too far to think about. But her enthusiasm for the paradox and the unknown of it, replaced all their.

Her recent lecture has now been taken at the nearby university where she will then make her first trip to Mars and follow up with Venus.

Mars, "began clearly," The Red Planet is the second and smallest in our solar system, away from the sun. (Small papules) (or fungus)), we know that they only need to dribble.

"Mars has two satellites that look like the most asteroids, one of which is about eight miles wide and the other is anywhere near 15. The soil on Mars is inhabited, and I think Mars itself contains 3 percent of the water.

"Most of the space biology mission will be considered as Mars, as I plan to leave within the next few days.

"Mars's diameter is half the size of the Earth, and it has minerals, water, oxygen, minerals, it has no world-class electromagnetic field in itself, and it is 4.5 billion years old. With regard to Mars, water and lava, we astronauts still expect to land near Olympus Mons, It is 340 miles long, and a very old volcano, deep in thirty-six feet of water, is universal, and as anyone can see it from NASA and flutter pictures, it has a lot of erosion, and its great valley Ma Valdisis It is 430 miles long and 12 miles wide and 1.2 miles deep.

"Furthermore, Mars contains 96% of the carbon dioxide in its atmosphere, as mentioned earlier, and small areas of oxygen, and the atmosphere is mostly wet, which is at least foul fish for human habitation, so we do not live in coffin.

"The year of Mars is 687 days revolves around the sun, and temperatures between 340- F Fahrenheit, and high 95 Fahrenheit (higher) orbit is like Earth's orbit, counterclockwise, Venus is the exact opposite.
"As I mentioned before, we have a form of life that can live in the atmosphere of Mars, Lichens, but I think there is more of that life on Mars.I think there are real spiders, when I say true, I mean 305 million of the old spiders I lived I think I saw their bodies covered in rock, named Idmonarachne brasieri, found here on Earth, sometimes gathering wind into our atmosphere and taking the path of asteroids that crashed on the surface of Mars, with eight sporadic limbs, and a majestic jaw.

"The Earth's surface is about 93 to 76 million km, based on my knowledge that you all look suspicious in my face, young people I suppose, I am only 24 years old, but I will let you travel a little I did not even tell my fellow comrades, who consider me In this field, in 2073, I predict from my observations, experimental data, and calculations that the moon Moonbos will turn and move to the surface of Mars, it is already close, but it will be very close to shredding parts of the surface of Mars by the pressure of tides, About the dusty ring around the planet, and also the sun Move parts of the planet outside, then Mars becomes a closed gradually with the earth, and the sun dilated, and in the process, will be the destruction of Mercury, Venus and Mars with the Earth, unless there is a miracle, Mars will be like Barbican concave wig, looks like Babylon.

"For those who do not believe in a spider story, I have already tracked the history of their cells from Earth to Mars. What we have now is tracking the DNA recorded on a tape, and can track the family history of each cell in any living organism, The previous Mars data, and the fossils found here on Earth, the spider ascended from one egg from the Earth to Mars, and those decaying cells came from trillions of its body. "

Then suddenly called by a person named "Asmodius", the ancient mythical devil of the Old Testament book, which killed seven of Sarah's husbands. Is largely problematic for the structure of the nuclear family, which to this day haunts the world and the human family; specializes in family disorders and is often expelled and purged of individuals through trained practices in exorcism.

(She was simply creating nonsense from her head believed that many listeners – chrysalides like …)

Thus, her lecture was very bleak to her listeners, with a mysterious, high end, and the students barely failed to stir curiosity and petty differences. Alarming many of her colleges had to pull them out of the theater, some felt they were full of evil and malicious material. Some of her listeners even accused her of being charlatans. The crowd was affected.

During the day, the next day, the whispers were seen at the Louisiana Space Station, Dr. McGee examined her thesis, saw Mars was the largest moon, Phobos (Greek name, meaning fear) and Demos Moon II (Greek name, meaning: horror) Of the shape of the asteroid, something he did not take into account, and noted that both were lowering their orbits more quickly than observed by the naked eye, or that the telescopes have been documented. And yes, either one crash or both can happen to Mars. They must remain as if they are moving their orbit closer to the mother planet, and then, like Gargoyle falls from a cathedral, shell or fragment when crashing into Mars , So Dr. McGee thought, he concluded.

Lair of the Venusian Worm

(Mars to Venus) (Part II of III))

Astronaut Captain Greg Younggger Forty, the captain of the spacecraft Yig, Billy Coleman eighty-eight chemical engineers, and an evolutionary engineer, Professor Marg Johnson, Ph.D., aged twenty-eight (with background in protein and molecular biology working on the interstellar life algorithm system, ), All three astronauts in a five-year program, had prepared themselves for the first human journey to the second planet of the sun, Venus, assigned in the summer of 2040. They knew full well that Venus was the hottest of any planet – its surface in the solar system, at 896 Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt lead or zinc. They also know about the heavy and dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases as well as sulfuric acid, which is very toxic to humans. To include the pressure of the planet 92 times from Earth, a crushing weight for man. The Louisiana space station had planned to either reach its northern leaders on the northern side of the planet, Ishtar Terra, a high point, or Aphrodite Tera, on the southern side of the planet, another high point, realizing that 80% of Venus was a plateau country. And 20% of the rocky plains, prefer to stay within the rocky plains to face them, away from the more stable bottom layer of the most hot surface. Carbon dioxide behaves in the atmosphere like a blanket that blocks the heat from the sun, and it was very strong on Venus' surface – the outward appearance; but the planet, like the surface of the earth, was made of rocks, a very large earthy plant and the task was able to do so . For this reason, they move from the spacecraft, on the surface of Venus, into a typical metal suit made of a machine.

Unlike all other planets, such as the Earth that has its orbit counterclockwise to the sun, Venus is the opposite, and the rotation on its axis is much slower than Earth. It is a planet without a moon. Unlike Pluto, which has five moons, or Earth with its singular moon; therefore, Venus is the closest to Earth than all other planets, and has no moon to shatter the planet, most scientists and astronauts felt that there is no life to be found in Planet Venus, as Professor Johnson saw, was that there was a possibility of evolution of a form of life, or at least a possibility. Thus their own spacecraft plunged into the Venus orbit, with infrared, cameras, UV and radar, and found them above above above Aphrodite Terra, on the southern side of the planet, apparently trapped less heat than the sun on its northern side At this very moment, its temperature on the surface is 852 Fahrenheit, and Aphrodite Terra is under 500 Fahrenheit, therefore, this is where they chose to descend.

Professor Marg Johnson specifically designed these space operations, with their own design, and worked well. Her idea was the hot and cold universe, the cold moon, the hot Venus, as is mercury. Hot liquids do not contain liquids called calories, but are substances in which atoms move faster in groups. Cold atoms or molecules move more slowly. The heat moves away from the cold, even in the minerals, eg cold spoon in hot coffee. Or hot body to cold, put in the equation nature of time now. When heat exchange occurs – do not mention – the future like the past. This can be reversed through the law of physics that is violated. Once the heat occurs the past changes. No friction is equal to any swing, and the movement leads to the back, friction leads to loss of energy, and slows down. Such as round the clock. The lap produces heat, as does the person who wraps it. This phenomenon distinguishes the future from the past.

The fastest (hot) atom collides with a cold atom, leaving some energy, and this collision distributes its parts evenly through the main item. In essence, hot body can become hotter, through the seam with a cool one, it is not likely. At the roots of heat, nature is different and independent of quantum mechanics. Like the balloon, the suit is swollen and closed, and the particles inside it will slow down the fast particles that collide with it, says statistical physics and thermodynamics. Thus, for Dr. Johnson, a suit produced that the heat shrinks when she enters the suit, such as the balloon, the suit has reduced the range of characteristics you enter, changed it, where the reaction occurs within the change, it slows down, does not heat the body, In addition, it is unloaded.

And so their adventure begins with a horrific framework and cycles of evil that can not be measured as it did.

Outside, from the stratosphere, the hellish escape of the space was not quite exactly where they wished to land, and the solar wind spread sideways to them, quickly clapping to the eye, wobbling away from their original landing location, in a valley of closed species, surrounded by mountains, , The great gloom of the place: the captain of the mother ship still spins over Venus' stratosphere, see the hidden terror, fear, what's wrong?

Professor Marg Johnson and Captain Junger: It may have been a much better choice than the choice they chose (unlike the crew of the mother ship dilemma on this matter), except that they knew nothing about this area, yet the captain still felt it was a stroke of luck. Billy Coleman, the chemical engineering engineer who sees everything through his booklet, was different from the situation and could say a sixth sense, as one might say, and a heavy sense of superstition through his permanent smile and sarcastic expression, as if they had landed in Venus & 39; perdition, from the location of the centuries, thinking since then, where are all the wolves – in fact, anger was latent, not only wolves.

But here they were here and they had to do their best, and they had one ability to take off the mother ship that was circling venus the troposphere, and there was no second space pod, if there was any mistake, no time to change maneuvers. As they moved from the spacecraft to the hot rock, the supernatural delusion infiltrated through the veins of astronaut Coleman, looking at the blue skies, all heated up as if by fiery fire, most of them lying on the bursa.

Each of the three feet made progress within this suspension valley – a kind of usual vigilance, seeing the towering high walls, and many huge openings in the magical coastal surface, oblivious to their functions, where there were no oceans or the waterways they knew. Among the surface dirt, they found some plasma-like material, mixed inside, completely detect, if in fact. Johnson concluded that she would get closer and closer: the experience would make her a reality, when the time came, and sometimes she would be exposed to a strange race of foreign terrestrial DNA if it was, and she could be awarded the Millennium Technology Award.

The more they look at this plasma material they find on the stones and inside the clay. Bailey then found a detailed design and design of two serpentine coils in one of the deep cracks that pop up, resembling the behavior of a worm or a large snake. Captain Jungher climbed up the sides of the slopes and discovered broken and deep bones, all of which chewed into her marrow, cracked and open, which assured Dr. Johnson, what all earth scientists had rejected, and predicted there was no life in Venus! This was not the case, which Edgar Rice Burroughs never took into account Venus' dynamism, because it was not known at that time, when he wrote his books, his own Venus series, in fact not discovered until the first two decades of the century Twenty one.

As I was about to say, Billy fell down the rope – what I thought was a harmless opening, looked like an obelite, around its edges being a favorite material: one of many large hurricane packs, several hundred feet of cable, What was there down? (His thing: he must fall, he traveled). Thus, Billy pulled the rope slowly as if in a necrotic wave, from and to the so-called exit, and the aperture and wing of a large size, can accommodate a free fall even to their space. As he was lifting the umbilical cord, Dr. Johnson looked at the camera, because there was a weight at the end of the rope, where he reached the last few feet, then threw several large worm. Like the creatures, with round heads, little patience like teeth, and where they skinned their bodies backwards, they all fell, worms and Billy together, fell into the mass of darkness, on the night of the Ebony from the worm hideout, with a ringing cry, the home of the venomous worms: She was so repugnant to Dr. Johnson through her wing.

Dr. Johnson gets everything in the film, and Billy Coleman, with a sudden argument in his disappearance of the face with venus worms, which they whisper to – and signed – to their torment. It was, I think, an irreversible point of loss for him.

Now, the captain was quick to listen to her thoughtful and astounding voice, and Dr. Johnson quickly updated it (because he looked at the opening, saw nothing but the eyes, as if it were a phosphoric in nature) Worms as if they were magnetized on their soil, they had leapt to the side of the cache at speed, like spiders in their nets. Dr. Johnson came in near to fainting, looked up, and blessed, as if he were in the cellars of Paradise. The captain had to prove it, the worms were seen, they were everywhere, they were: in the opposite direction, diagonally, it was impossible not to come forward. In their faces, round, with fangs like wild cats, showing hatred, picked up at the feet of the world and the captain. His mind mixed up in a strange confusion. For Dr. Johnson, it seemed like there was a dark flag for all this. Such as darkness, such as darkness to a frightening degree, in all this, as if this was Venus. Hell.

"We need to go immediately to the space pod and get out of here before he comes after us!" Dr Johnson, with horryilation, claimed in a cyclopean fright. When they made haste, there were a million or more worms that chewed on her pod. The captain's last message to the mother ship was extremely ominous and miserable, "there is a cache of Venus worm like snakes, in a wicked hideout, not descending …" which was not all that impossible, although the ship was not connected to such a When they closed the worms, they played a ceremonial role in it. They took off their mechanical uniform, which had a cooling system in it and was resistant to heat. As a result, they could not be counted to cope with their fate. To the wolf planet), such as ash to the dirt, before the worms can eat them something The flesh and bones dry; save, now no one left with the knowledge of its true form, that is, the shape of those little warriors of tyrants, who were clothed in filth, who clung to the disk like white on rice. Meanwhile, the mother ship trying to make contact, without any effort with the three astronauts, assumed that the worst left its orbit to return to Earth. As pale and non-animated worms, elevated in high place, in a demonic triumph.

The return journey of Yig (from Venus) (Part III of III)

The crew of the mother ship, shouted and muttered, made unequal appeals to the captain to land on Venus. The surface of the investigation into the death of the three astronauts, still others, the most courageous, prayed in front of Christ's wood on the Great Cross in the church aboard the ship, Turning to it, taking the advice provided by Professor Marg Johnson, to hightail out of Venus' orbit. Loss was not authorized, but loss is always part of a journey. What exactly happened was the cavity of the crew, and "Yig" at twenty speed at present, with the echo of the storm he carried back the track back to Earth, a shameful journey from what was now considered an inhabited stronghold on Venus.

The crew with flame, filled eyes, overlooking the harbor windows, so as not to see the finishing touches of the flower, did not shed tears to escape from that mess on the planet. In the distant distance, a wave of gravity came, threw the spacecraft, stumbled, but did not cause any excessive damage to the vehicle, and the captain re-tuned to the ground, such as hitting him with a large platform of astrophysical winds, and to survive. Their impact, shook the crew fairly seriously, but largely fatal. Then came the bombardment of shrapnel, resembling someone fluttering rocks from an asteroid in a ship, as if some were being massively behind the mess. Then a few crew members said they saw this presence, embodied in the figure, called Asmodeus, Demon of Destruction. The walls of the church were closed, and they had to be closed and locked away from the rest of the ship.

Those that were in a church were crushed in the pulp of blood, and it was as if this was a real giant demon, and Yig followed from Venus. As such, the chaos, were not any residues, the ship was attacked. سيتم تسجيله للأجيال القادمة: كما لم تكن حكايات من غير المبررة ، والشبح أو الشيطانة فطيرة الوولتون غير مقبول للقبطان.

واستمر طاقم السفينة مع مهامهم اليومية ، واجباتهم ، وكلها في جنون جنون ، في انتظار Asmodeus للقيام الشر القادم شيطاني.

وضع Chaplin Rosaries في كل مكان ممكن ، على مقابض الباب ، على أسرة الجميع ، وهكذا ، لدرء هذه الروح البغيضة التي تلتها مثل الأبيض على الأرز. سألوا إذا كانوا قد أيقظوه من مخبأه على كوكب الزهرة! لذلك كان يشاع. كان ينظر إلى الشريك من قبل العديد من أعضاء طاقم السفينة. الوجود ، لم يفتح الهوية بنفسه ، ثم اختفى ، ولذا سيكون من الشاق أن يجعل من أي معنى أكثر من هذه المعايير. وبعد أشهر من السفر إلى الفضاء ، تلاشت الفظائع في التقاليد ، أكثر من الواقع ، وتساءل الجميع على متنها إذا كانوا قد رأوا بالفعل ما قالوا إنه رأوه ، وهي خلية مفعمة بالحيوية ، لكنها مستقرة ، وثابتة ، ولا فوضى ، ومع ظهور الأرض في العرض ، سوف يحجبون هذه القصة ، خشية أن يفقدوا وظيفة جيدة الأجر.

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J to Jambalaya

Jumbalaya The Louisiana Creole dish is of Spanish and French influence. It's not just a fun word to say but it's also delicious. Most jambalaya recipes call either a fish and a protein or two proteins such as sausage and chicken. However you can do it, it is a real comfort food.

Most jambalaya recipes I reviewed not only have a variety of spices but also have regular ingredients like pepper, rice, onions, celery and tomatoes. Look at the different pieces or "ingredients" in your life – fill the children's school lunch, make beds, prepare reports, go to meetings, feed the dog, and beautify the garden. So why blog about jambalaya? The reason is that no matter how they make it, the dish comes out warm and does not want to enrich its life. How about adding spices to "the ingredients of your life?" One idea is to play children's lunches by cutting sandwiches in different shapes or adding a unique ingredient such as a lunch. You can also include a note or a small poster such as posters in lunch boxes.

At work, you can have a walk-in meeting or hire a massage masseuse for your team. You can also bring good things like baking or arranging food. During some of the meetings you run, you do not speak at all. Tell your team that you are there to watch only and see the different ways they behave. When you lead the meeting, use different types of visual elements instead of the same old presentations. Start the session by asking them about the super hero that will happen to them and why. It makes people open to themselves and everyone gets a good laugh.

Spice up can even arrive. No one said you could not dance while you were immersed or wiped out by the grass. Walking with a dog can not only be a fun friend, but it is healthy for both of us. For me, I'm not a fan of emptying the dishwasher, so sometimes when I have to cook food in the microwave, I try to figure out if I can put all the dishes before the bell goes out. Luckily I have not broken a plate yet.

Making a bed is also a mundane task. I always think of the sound of music when Julie Andrews raised the paper during the rainstorm when all the children were scared. I admit that I am the worst singer but who cares? "These are some of my favorite things" still alive regardless of my voice and makes monotonous work more likely. My children may not like it and have a kittens' compensation, but once I stop the bed I stop.

Searching for a job or writing a report is also something to fear. Try to "spice" them by being more creative. Post a funny article or caricature on your desk to remind yourself that this will pass and you only need to plow it. Also make sure to attach bonuses to various tasks. Knowing that you will get a delicious dish of jambalaya with a glass of wine and salads, and when dessert ends it is a great bonus and it will keep you focused and on the right track!

Cajun Gambalaya

Recipe from the courtyard of Emeril Lagasse

Total Time: 50 minutes

Prep: 15 minutes

Cook: 35 minutes

Yield: 4 servings


12 Mediterranean, peeled, minced and minced

4 ounces chicken, cubes

1 tablespoon of Creole spices, follow the recipe

Two tablespoons of olive oil

1/4 cup chopped onions

1/4 cup chopped green pepper

One quarter cup of chopped celery

2 tablespoons chopped garlic

1/2 cup chopped tomatoes

3 Laurel leaves

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

A teaspoon of warm sauce

3/4 cup rice

3 cups chicken

5 ounces of sausage, sliced ​​into slices

Salt and Pepper

Emeril & E \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\

2 1/2 tablespoons of sweet pepper

Two tablespoons of salt

Two tablespoons of garlic powder

1 tablespoon black pepper

1 tablespoon onion powder

1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon seasoning

1 tablespoon dried thyme


In the bowl mixes shrimp, chicken, spices and creole, and work in spices well. In a large pot of heat oil on high heat with onion, pepper and celery, 3 minutes. Add garlic, tomatoes, bay leaves, Worcestershire and hot sauces. Add the rice and add the broth slowly. Reduce heat to medium and cook until liquid rice is absorbed and becomes soft with stirring occasionally for about 15 minutes. When rice is just tender add shrimp, chicken mixture and sausage. The meat is cooked up, about 10 minutes more. Taste the season with salt, pepper and Creole spices.

Commercial mortgage lending trends in 2015 compared to California

In March 2015, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) called a random sample of 49,485 realtors who worked in commercial real estate to fill out an online poll. A total of 791 responses were received on the overall response rate of 1.6 percent. The survey inquired about the opinion of realtors on how to find the lending environment during the past year. Living and working in California, I find it interesting and useful to compare the general results of opinion polls in our state. I think you'll find it useful as well. Without further ado, here are the views of your brokers and lenders as stated by the state state:

Countries that have introduced difficult lending situations

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 58% of investors prefer to approach banks but not all banks are willing to lend. Among these institutions, these traditional lending institutions have exacerbated the situation with clumsy procedures, timelines and annoying terminology, and lengthy lengthy processes. A few banks have also done their best to please their customers or to make the situation more comfortable for them.

A private lender in New York

Banks were very aggressive in financing deals.

Such a situation can be expected from a city like New York where banks have to be on their feet about delay and have to cut back on bad loans. In addition, New York is known for its aggressive and revealing environment. Lack of empathy with customers is one of the painful points.

More unexpected is the fact that the kind places like Louisiana are reporting the same difficulties.

A local agent said:

Banks work well but they make it difficult to do business, and it is difficult to move forward in such an environment. Louisiana

In North Carolina:

Money is cheap, but still very hard to get. – North Carolina

Apparently, banks will monopolize investors and act like infamous fraudsters. Other investors had this to say:

The rules for major banks are to bind regional and community banks. – North Carolina

Just refinance 3 properties from $ 150,000 to $ 1,000,000. Low loans for transaction value. – Colorado

The terms of trade finance in the secondary market are either too cumbersome to qualify for this process, or conditions so difficult that buyers do not see value in financing and pay only money for smaller business deals. New Mexico

Countries that have found a good lending environment

If you want to invest, you may want to consider moving to one of these areas. There is less chance than California. There may be a more disciplined market with stumbling stocks and perhaps less promise, but banks are more keen to help investors.

There is a lot of money available for qualified buyers of commercial real estate. Texas

Financing was not a problem with reasonable transactions. Massachusetts

States that provide a positive environment for Private commercial lenders to work in

Loan conditions for banks in most states in 2015 were frustrating for consumers, making them ideal for private money lenders such as fixed-rate lenders who thrive on frustrated investors. Fixed money lenders Step by step where banks fail promises of convenience, strong interest, customer convenience, fast delivery (thinking of getting a loan in the same week compared to 60 plus days for banks!) And much less than paperwork. All you need to do is register your name on some forms and fill in the details of the value of your property and / or your work and / or your experience and / or your credit history. Nothing major and easier than banks. In short, in short, is beautiful. Even the loan-to-value structures in some places (especially in California) have been picked up with private commercial lenders who are now offering higher to full rates.

The downside is high interest rates and balloon payments (think of payments that are double like banks). On the other hand, it may be unlikely that there are those who want investors.

Agents in Pennsylvania and Carolina praised the private lending market:

In general, entrepreneurs have a vision of progress on the cultural curve, while banks seem to operate in a closed cave and compensate for their lack of skill at aggressive rates and conditions, or an unrealistic client process. Pennsylvania

Carolina was more intense. One investor explained that he preferred the alternative sector because:

I think banks have failed the entire country. They are ruthless and have given up their role in the greatest economy. – North Carolina

These agents in Georgia, Carolina and Illinois, for example, who have been let down by their banks may have no choice but to look for commercial lenders especially if they want to invest.

Illinois: Trade finance is a problem. I have wonderful property in the market for one year and there are no detainees.

Another commented that the banks

Slow processing of loans. An unusual waiting time is being funded. – Illinois

North Carolina: Commercial mortgages are virtually nonexistent.

And Georgia. (Looks really cavernous):

When lenders start lending again, the demand backed by buyers is very high and the economy will grow with it. No money – no healing.

Agents in Wisconsin found a similar situation:

Banks have become more aggressive for owner-occupied transactions.

It seems that some private investors will find a ready market in Kentucky:

In general, only local banks provide commercial loans. It takes a double loan and subscription requirements more restrictive. – Kentucky

Finally, it seems as if in Ohio, small businesses have no choice but to approach solid money lenders:

Large banks are not offering loans to small businesses anymore … just for large companies.

Flip into your commercial lending environment in California …

The National Association of Realtors has found that private lenders run a thriving lending process in California. Join more brokers and more investment in this area. California private lenders have benefited from increased interest in short-term investment. 2015 was a good year with private lenders mainly serving entrepreneurs and small business owners. As we have mentioned, these are the ones who were expelled from the banks.

Over the past year, private lenders have also bolstered the appeal of their field by eliminating one of their problems: LTV. Originally, lenders only liquidated LTV rates ranging between 50 and 60% and are significantly lower for private equity. A growing number of agents felt comfortable enough to raise LTV rates to 80%. Some meet full ownership percentages. This has tightened government regulations to protect borrowers (especially resident borrowers) to make investors more willing to see private commercial lenders as an attractive alternative.

On the other hand, high prices and high interest rates for lenders have led to a high rate of defaults. The inexperienced and the new agents had more of this downfall than others. The defaults are expected to rise in the coming year due to the increase in interest rates. Government regulations have also intervened in a situation with troublesome and complex rules that force lenders to lengthen lending time, making the already attractive private lending situation even smaller.

However, these years seem to be a good time to enter your commercial lending market in California, especially if you know how to do it.

Here are some reports published by NAR:

Most people say they will talk to their bank for commercial loans. – California

Right. But then, the majority is removed. This is due in particular to the fact that:

Excessive regulation and government routine that imposes itself on banks have made commercial borrowing difficult for legitimate clients. – California

This causes many investors to turn to hard money lenders.

I think there is enough money, the problem is not in banks. Is the borrower's inability to qualify for funding. – California

Another private lender in the world said in California:

Many obstacles to getting a loan. Even experienced loan brokers are not sure of their deals until the end of the process. – California

This is why the steady lending boom in California …

Investment error Otha Anders Made

In 2015, an elderly Louisiana man sat in a nearby bank, a truck loaded with 55 gallons of plastic pincers he had collected over the past 45 years. After the last philosophy was calculated, Otha Anders received over $ 5,130 as a lump sum for his loan. This is more than 510,000 pennies. For the general public, the news looks great, but for every American college person who collects and buys coins for pleasure and profit, Anders lost a lot of money.

According to the Monroe News, Los Angeles, Anders noted that all his pennies were "a stimulus from God, always reminding me of thanks." In the case of Anders, however, "penny saved" may be more than "a penny gained". Many of the money I got for immediate money was worth more money.

Since Anders began his car in 1970, he was getting a lot of pennies that remained stuck between 1909 and 1958. Even today, there are still many "wheat" pennies in penny and rolling exchange. When he started saving in 1970, he would find a lot of wheat wheat in great condition. Over the last 45 years, most pennies will become more valuable than one cent.

According to the "Guidebook of US Coins 2015" by RS Yeoman, wheat cent values ​​ranged from $ 10 in "good" condition to several hundred dollars in "almost irregular" condition. Also, the directory records a few very rare pennies which were up to $ 5,000 in non-current conditions. However, it will be impossible to estimate the amount of aggregate value for the entire group. Every coin was supposed to be checked by well-known currency traders who could help him sell his collection, but it is easy to imagine that Anders would have earned more than $ 20,000 if he had the patience to get an appraisal.

In addition to numismatic value, there is precious metal value for the price of each coin weight in copper. All American copper coins remained until 1981 containing 95% of copper. According to the site "InvestmentMine", in 2015, the average copper value was $ 2.86 per pound. All of Anders' pennies weigh together more than 2,800 pounds. So, if you choose all the coins, we will multiply 2,800 pounds and 2.86 total copper in total will be a total of $ 8,000. However, the conservative estimate of the number of copper pennies was 75%, and we get about $ 6,000, which is nearly $ 900 more than it got.

Although Anders received more than $ 5,100 in his extensive collection, he could have had more if he took the time to evaluate them all by a listed expert. However, the good news is that if you live in or near Louisiana, you can buy many pennies from local banks, and you may find some of these higher value bonds.

Where are the most necessary web filters and porn filters? You may be surprised

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing allow us to easily analyze trends in geographic regions. Almost anything can be measured by searching for it online. You can find how far you are searching for any term anywhere – at the state level, state level and even city.

For example, to identify the United States where there is serious concern about Internet usage problems, addiction to vulnerability, and general concern about exposure to questionable Internet content, we looked at where most keyword searches, such as web filtering and pornography, occur. The results are surprising

Where is the most searched porn filter?

1. Utah

2. Louisiana

3. Kansas

4. Tennessee

5. Oklahoma

6. Kentucky

7. Alabama

8. Oregon

9. Washington

10. Colorado

Utah, while not the most popular state, is leading the charts with more than double searches, followed by Louisiana. We can not begin to reasonably reason why these countries appear in the number of searches for a pornographic candidate – there may be a problem with the addiction to pornography, there may be a higher level of awareness of the problem of pornography on the Internet or countless other reasons.

Unfortunately, we can see another interesting phenomenon in the United States. While the trend toward searching for pornographic filters seems to be declining, there has been a steady increase over the years in searches for pornographic images. Draw your own conclusions. But we must all be aware and interested.