Old cooking – recipes from the south-south is cooking Cajun

Visiting small cities such as Alexandria or Banke Louisiana was memorable; it was the first time I was a young boy who came across the southern kitchen. Who can honestly say that the current kitchen style is the mirror of the past? The chefs of that era were unknown stars in the kitchen. Dinner was vibrant. These icons are almost extinct. This is obvious when we examine the images that feed us through mainstream television. They do not resemble the people I notice who made tea cakes or masterpieces of mulberry dumplings with basic ingredients. I would agree that two of the most famous culinary styles are the cooking method Cajun and Creole. This union was formed in my view of the survival of the disadvantaged to put food on the table for their families. The records of the past will tell us that the people who came to Louisiana were immigrants from the Acadians who were descendants of French and Creole who were originally descendants of French and Spanish early. However, the two held conflicting views on how to prepare certain dishes; passion was shared by all possible things when love was a universal thread of equivalence.

Spirituality and need and passion in cooking are the reason that Cajun cuisine has flourished. Cajun culinary jambalaya, okra, touffe locust, fried okra become very practical. These dishes were the basic materials used for cooking and well-known recipes of Cajun cuisine people cherish today. The immigrant's methods differ in the preparation of cajun and creole cooking, but they combined two methods of cooking and created an indispensable approach to cooking food that has stood the test of time.

Take a look at what can be considered cheap basic ingredients for someone who has a meager income during 1725. For example, in Jumbalaya, you will always find rice, peppers and traditional spices, a ritual of cooking Louisiana. Other ingredients are onions, celery, chicken, crayfish, shrimp, rabbits, smoked kriol and Cajun Andouille sausages. Smoking was a way for many to keep meat. Cajun Andouille is a smoked sausage made from pork, pepper, onion, wine and spices. Some people also use Boudin sausage.

Well, I'll start the dialogue by talking about Gambalaya. There are a number of ways this meal can be prepared. In Louisiana, canola oil, olive oil or vegetable oil can be heated in a frying pan. Most people use vegetable oil or lard. Next, add chicken and brown pieces equally in color along the way before removing them. My aunt enjoyed the fresh garlic, thought to contain healing properties. It was used extensively when preparing Cajun dishes. After you remove everything from the pan; it's time to cut onions, pepper, celery and carrots. Combines and integrates sausages, rice, tomatoes / sweet corn, thyme, sea salt and yellow / red pepper, plus a warm Louisiana sauce. Then, prepare the chicken and mix it with the sauce. Now allow everything to slow down cooked food and cook on low heat under modest heat. Cooking is about patience and love that you put in a dish. The smell will hypnotize the neighbors in order to come to your home. Cook time varies depending on the contents of the pot for a minimum of one to two hours. The last step is to integrate locusts, shrimp, or any seafood you can imagine at the end. Color orange – pink is a sign that the dish is cooked to perfection. Lobster or locust is members of the super-families Asteroidean and Parastacoidea – are freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters that are associated with them and are found exclusively throughout Louisiana and the states in the south-south.

Now I want to talk about one of my favorite panda all time. The word "okra" is used in Creole, French, and other parts of Africa to describe a thickening factor. I love okra but not as a thickener. Most people who grew up in Louisiana did not eat traditional soup. Gumbo was the soup that everyone consumed. Okra will not be gumbo without roo. Roe is another word for meat broth. Understand that the Ru is simply combining fat and flour and heating it up! This is the basis for most sauces.

With that in mind, the ingredients required for mother sauce are flour, butter, vegetable oil, celery, onions, green peppers and garlic. You will then prepare chicken meat, smoked sausages, green onions, chopped parsley, sea salt, fresh black pepper, red pepper, tapasco, and rice. It is important to cut the vegetables in a thin way. Prepare the roo with Cajun cooking pot. In it, mix oil and flour. Remember to taste each step of the process and make sure you move it frequently. Step One Burn the flesh. This is the process by which you add color to the meat, as well as you close the juices. After 4 – 10 minutes ranging from meat size, start Holy Trinity. You are now sweating vegetables (onions, peppers, celery and garlic) until they become transparent. Add the meat and wait until it turns brown. Cut the heat and do not forget to turn it around as you add cold water and spices you want to taste. This stage is important in which to taste and seasoning spices according to your preference. Let it ripen before adding a thickening factor such as okra or broth like butter and flour. Cooking time depends on the content or size of items in your bowl. It can be served with rice for your family.

All these things are considered, these recipes are the most desired cajun recipes when one talks about Cajun's historic dishes. None of these dishes can stand on their own without rice.

Good food and sharing cooking tips that you have learned over the years. Check out this recipe and let me know what you think? I hope you will be inspired to prepare high quality Cajun meals for the discerning people who are important in your world. Sharing Cajun food with family and friends is one of those ways to promote goodwill and show your interest.

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Three reasons to visit Gumbo shop

There are already two Alabama stores in the USA, one in Louisiana and the other in Missouri. Both serve good Creole food.

Let's start with Gumbo Shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first reason you need to check out this place is that it is close to many other Creole-style restaurants. So, if you plan to spend a few days in New Orleans, this restaurant can be one of the places you eat, in your effort to experience authentic Louisiana food. Address and phone number is:

630 St. Peter Street,
New Orleans, LA 70130
PHD: 504-525-1486

The second reason to eat there is that they not only offer tasty food, but they do it in an attractive environment. In addition to seating options available indoors, the New Orleans Gumbo Shop offers an outdoor seating area. So, on a sunny and clear day, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while dining on cajun food.

Finally, the third reason is that they provide options for vegetarians. The vegetarian diet of the day is only $ 9.99, and there are plenty of side orders, salads and deserts that are safe for vegetarians, as well.

The other Gumbo Shop is located in St. Louis Louis, Missouri. Although both restaurants have the same name, they do not link to each other. Their only similarity is that both offer Creole-style Creole food.

There are three reasons you should check out this restaurant if you find yourself in St. Louis. Louis. But first, there is their address and phone number:

Manchester Road
Rock Hill, MO 63119
PhD: (314) 918-8747

The first reason you should visit this restaurant is that it is reasonably small. If you prefer to eat in a more relaxed atmosphere, this is the place for you. It accommodates about 30 to 40 people, so you are not alone, but you are not too crowded.

The second reason to check out this place is that it is one of the few places outside New Orleans that cooks some authentic Louisiana-style food. There are not many places that have the experience and history that these people possess.

Finally, the Gumbo store in St. Louis offers food. If you have a major event in your company or family reunion, this may be ideal for you. Also, restaurant hours are fairly limited, so if you want to eat when you know it will not be open, just ask for a group of food early and invite neighbors to get some good food!

Whichever you find yourself – New Orleans, or St. Louis – try one of the okra shops to try the original Creole.

Those French Quarter specialties, like any other place

Food lovers of New Orleans are very special about their favorite native foods, so do not confuse Cajun (a "low country") with Creole, and also, we will not dare to mess with French cooking (to say more). Especially in the French Quarter, these wonderful local dishes abound, so let's take a look at the most popular:

Jumbalaya French and Spanish traditional combination of Andil Sausages, shrimp, chicken and sometimes pork, with a focus on meat instead of oysters, all in a spicy and delicious soup that contains rice and vegetables, and the original Creole in the French neighborhood that is blamed. The Cajun version does not include tomatoes. It is your basic Spanish basilica with French Creole or Cajun.

Okra : Official Louisiana food, similar to jambalaya but includes filé powder (seasoning of the sassafras tree) and okra, which is not common in jambalaya. Okra is also served separately on white rice. gumbos, étouffées Construction and creativity studies are more complex in preparation (remember that you deal with very specific versions here), whether you eat in New Orleans or other parts of the state. Chef Paul Prudhomme put the okra on the map;

crawfish Itoffi : Another variation on okra and jambalaya which always includes lobster or shrimp, possibly lobster, but has no sausages or other meat. From the French word "smothered" and served on rice. She is considered a little lighter than two cousins.

(If you are planning to prepare any of the above dishes yourself, it would be wise to simply pick up a bottle of spice mixed with Prudhomme or Emeril Lagassi to make it really justice.)

Po & Boy and Muffaletta : New Orleans Sandwiches, with very specific ingredients and exports (can not be found at any branch store);

Red beans & n Rice : Just what it seems, a hot rice dish with red beans.

Oysters New Orleans, fresh from the salty water of the Gulf of Mexico, serves raw with a red sauce, like a rockefeller or a loaf of oysters, bread and lightly fried, between two slices of "Pullman loaf bread" and slathered with mayonnaise, covered with tomato slices, Any diet low-fat, to make sure, but delicious); Put a few drops of hot sauce, open the cold drink and you eat it;

shrimp Ramad : Creole favorite, from famous Galitwar and Brennan restaurants, Gulf prawns in a hot tomato sauce, served with boiled eggs, sliced ​​cucumbers and maybe some olives, it's a winning winner and not skimpy on Tabasco;

Andil Sausages: Smoked pork sausages, originally brought to Louisiana by French immigrants who are eagerly included in a lot of Creole cooking. If you can not find them, other sausages can be replaced but they will not be the same, and the sky in order not to use hot dogs.

Beignets A strong cup of Cafe au lait : High in any tourist list, these fried light cakes accompanied by strong coffee is why coffee shop Du Monde In the French Quarter it is always crowded.

Creole Bread Pudding : Similar to mother, but does not offer without the sauce of the Bourbon;

Banana Pastor : It has been built and remains the highest restaurant in the Brennan restaurant since 1951, and this delicious dessert is characterized by a rich butter, brown and sugar sauce over vanilla ice cream.

Kesterd sweetened caramelized : The palace of the legendary leader in the French Quarter rocks with basic sweets, or a copy of flan or Italian creme camel, but with a layer of burning sugar, adopted by Parisian chefs and first popular in New York City at a famous restaurant Le Cirque (do not tell any admirer to respect Himself in New Orleans);

Of course, no article about New Orleans cuisine will be complete without two of the most popular cocktails (and effectiveness):

Tornadoes , With two types of rum and fruit juice, do not leave the house without aspirin or certain driver;

Ramos Jane Fez A delicious blend of the gene, lemon, lemon juice, cream, egg whites and club soda, do not be fooled by its apparent innocent taste, it can be fatal if you drank a little of it. Created by Henry Ramos, who ran the Imperial Government Salon in the center of New Orleans, unfortunately no longer exists, but fortunately the drink is still hugely popular; this is not your primary and tonic gene.

Well, there you have it. The best New Orleans has to offer. There is no other place to do it completely, and the locals will be the first to tell you that. If you happily have enough to make your way to New Orleans, do not miss these wonderful dishes. It can be called Big Easy The Big Waistline. Enjoy.

Rauring Cajun Tacos: More Than Just a New Supply Taco?

Louisiana's rustic cuisine is popular everywhere. But put some ingredients okra inside the taco shell and real magic happens.

Fusion food is actually just a term commensurate with the combination of two culinary traditions in one. This has happened throughout history, especially as explorers from one area discovered food from the places they visited. Today, fusion is between Cajun cuisine and tacos.

To be clear, it is not hard to see how smart Taco restaurants have long known that the fastest way to enliven a party is to bring something new to the scene. Tacos are so excellent vehicles: whatever it can fit well between corn folds or tortilla flour is hardly limited to the ingredients that are normally found along the Tex Mex border. I found Korean tacos, Thai tacos and even sausage tacos – sausage fans fans in the most likely places. Fish tacos, in particular, became very popular.

But Cajun flavor sensations bring the tacos to a whole new level. Consider the possibilities, taco catering spice catering:

Lobster tacos – basic ingredients in lobster boil – lobster, potatoes, corn, onions, flavored with lemon, laurel leaves, cayenne pepper and mustard seeds – make excellent taco fillings

Boucherie / Tacos – pulled from traditional family events in rural Louisiana, this type of taco includes any type of Cajun sausage, which is white (pork sausages without blood) or Boden noir, sausage blood. Originally designed for family parties, Taco Good Catering can expand the list to include event decorations in general.

Cochon de lait tacos – As the name implies, this is a pork dish. As an event in the country of Cajun, it involves a full roast pig (breast or adult). Roasted pork with dirty rice, with canned with pickled hot green pepper, make this fiery, tacos filling.

Crocodile meat tacos – obtained from crocodile farms legally – as well as from non-commercial fishing in Louisiana, Texas and many other south-eastern states – they are low in fat and high in protein and have a slight flavor with a fixed texture. Yes, some say it tastes like chicken. More commonly used in gajbo cajun, it should be noted that many Asian cuisines are considered crocodile flesh and eggs of each species to be appetizing.

Taco Crocodile station stand near the Margarita bar, probably the most popular place in the party.

If you're planning an event and want to put it on Cajun or maybe Mardi Gras, there are some innovative ideas to discuss with the tacos.

Be sure to let the creative process. The four-wheel drive or tacho mobile service capabilities provide many advantages of the event, including how to make non-traditional entertainment venues possible (ie no kitchen required).

Tax relief – for victims of the storm

Along the coast of Mississippi and Louisiana, people are trying to turn their lives back after Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Nearly five months after the Katrina rebellion across the Gulf states, these residents focused on cleaning and rebuilding their homes and, in some cases, simply finding a place to live. The last thing anyone wants to think about now is TAX TIME. But, where a man is set to die only once, the tax man shows annually whether you are ready or not.

But all this is not a gloomy year for taxes on people living in storm-affected areas. The Internal Revenue Service and the US Treasury Department issued a number of tax provisions in the aftermath of President Bush's disaster statements along the Gulf Coast. The following is an explanation of some of the many provisions to help this year.

Extend the period of income tax and final payments

Taxpayers in the affected areas until February 28, 2006 will have to provide any income, compensation, gift, tax or salary with maturities on 29 August 2005 or thereafter. In addition, any penalties or interest on late deposits of income tax or IRS tax that were due in this time range will be removed.

Tax exemption for isolated housing

A special discount has been created for individuals who have opened their homes and hearts to provide vacation homes for victims of the storm for at least 60 days. The deduction can be claimed either in the 2005 or 2006 federal tax return. The discount is $ 500 per person taken off in the main residence of the taxpayer. The deduction is limited to US $ 2000 combined for both 2005 and 2006. You must have a Social Security number for the victim of the storm. The deposed person can soon be. Even grandma and grandchild who kept children and grandchildren can get more benefits just from the pleasure of approaching their loved ones.

Louisiana only

Victims of the Louisiana victim who reported loss of life due to damage to federal connections will not receive a government tax deduction for federal taxes paid reduced. Taxpayers will need to calculate federal tax revenues with losses and without setting a discount on the return state.

As I said, these are just a few of the many provisions. So, please make sure you use the payroll tax service such as ADP, so you can contact them to make sure they have taken the adjusted maturity date into account with your tax filing. Also, you need to make sure that all taxpayers paid are not informed that you will remain in the affected area to ensure that you take this into account when submitting forms and making payments. Finally, God bless you and keep your safety. Taxes are one thing. But, the safety of our loved ones and friends is always more important.

S homepage!

Each time my phone rings, take a quick look at the Caller ID to see if the call comes from. I am always excited to know the status of callers and how I can help. But there is one exception: when the call comes from Louisiana. Do I not love Louisiana? No, of course not. But I do not want to sigh when I get a call from Big Easy, and the reason is simple: many SBA disaster loans were issued after Hurricane Katrina to Louisiana residents.

In short, these loans, really, really, really, really difficult to settle. That's why I do not like receiving calls from Louisiana. I receive two or three calls a week from someone with a catastrophic loan struggling to repay it, and in most cases I remove these people. Believe me, I would like to help, but these loans tend not to be conducive to settlements for several reasons:

1) They are almost always guaranteed with homes. In cases where your home is equal enough to cover your debt, there is no chance that the SBA will settle the debt. The logic is simple: if they can book it and get all their money, there's no reason to settle.

2) Loan terms are generous to start. Most catastrophic SBA loans offer very low interest rates over a long period of time (usually 30 years), so when things get worse, there is not much that can be done to help. If your payment is $ 150 a month, and you are struggling to make this payment, it is likely that your payment will be on any cumbersome level.

3) These loans are usually issued to individuals. As a result of going to people with scarce resources to start, asking the person to collect a material amount of money to settle a catastrophic loan is always a long order. If you owe $ 30,000 and you can not pay $ 300 per month, you probably can not get enough cash to make a lump sum offer. In other words, since most disaster loan borrowers have limited financial resources, the chances of raising enough lump sum settlement are also limited.

4) The "authorities that are" are arbitrary. More than any other area of ​​the SBA, I have found that SBA Disaster Loan folks rely less on facts and more on arbitrary thresholds. Unlike the SBA business loan entitlements, which look at the financial situation of a person, people involved in disaster loans basically say, "We do not care that you can only afford $ 1,000. We want you to pay $ 10,000." For this reason alone, many disaster loans do not have a chance to settle.

America Lighthouse Lighthouse – Louisiana

Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico, is famous for its famous Mardi Gras, jazz and brilliant crescents, more than beacons, yet it is home to a lighthouse populated with civil war links.

He went and almost forgot
Sabine Pass Light – Louisiana

The legend of Sabine Pass Light begins during the civil war when the Union's soldiers succeeded in destroying and destroying Fort Sabine. Later, Confederate forces defeated them, forcing the Union soldiers to flee the island.

Hit the cannon fire and break the part of the lens during the heat of the battle. Lighthouse Keeper, Granger fixed the lens by pasting the front and back covers of his Bible into the shattered parts of the lens and moving the lens to the safety of Sabine Pass, where it remained hidden until the end of the war.

In 1886, a cyclone struck so strong that it sent a wave of water about twenty miles to the island, killing hundreds of people and destroying the Sabine Passage practically, leaving only the tower.

According to legend, the ghost of a soldier killed in the Battle of Sabine Bass haunts this site; however, one of the guards asked to get out of his duties when he reported seeing the ghost of a man wearing what looked like a former guard uniform. Several people reported that they saw this man, making the lighthouse service cease to assign guards to this light.

When Keeper Steven Purgley notified that the light would be extinguished and the tower was demolished, Purgley became so angry that he started the Sabine Lighthouse Association, insisting that the lighthouse service prevented the lighthouse from standing.

This lighthouse eventually became the property of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission and was sold for $ 55,000 in 1986 to two businessmen who wanted to turn it into a restaurant and yacht club.

Nothing has been done to preserve this historic lighthouse and is still required to this day, however, there are still reports of a ghostly presence.

How to Save Money When Buying Roller Shutters Down in Louisiana

Lake Charles, Louisiana is a city about thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. It is a beautiful city, bordered by lakes, with a thriving nightlife and plenty to do during the day. It is home to five museums and many theaters. With more than 75 festivals a year, Lake Charles is referred to as the capital of the Louisiana Festival, and because lakes and waterways pass through the city, Charles Lake is often referred to as Urban Lakes.

You think that Lake Charles will not be subject to damage from the hurricane, but this certainly is not true. When Hurricane Rita struck across southwestern Louisiana, many houses and businesses around Lake Charles suffered severe damage. The flood waters reached the civil center, downtown. When Ike arrived at the beach in Galveston, Texas, with winds of 100 miles per hour, the effects were felt in Lake Charles, about 120 miles away. Hundreds of people were pulled out of the flood waters near Lake Charles, and more rescue teams came out to search for stranded residents the next day.

So, if you live in Lake Charles or the surrounding area, then you are wise to fit your home with hurricane shutters. How much will it cost?

Not as much as you may think.

According to the Louisiana Personal and Disaster Awareness Manual, for every dollar spent on hurricane shutters, $ 4 is saved in less losses. They have a four-point plan that promotes you to protect your home in the event of a catastrophic storm, and recommend not to skip even one of these elements. If you do, it increases your risk of major damage to your home in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

  • upload
  • Reinforce
  • shutter
  • insurance

Louisiana has made buying cyclone shutters more cost-effective for the consumer: the Louisiana Tax Administration gives a sales tax exemption once a year for hurricane preparedness purchases, this includes hurricane shutters. The sales tax holiday is usually held sometime in May. The hurricane preparedness list includes storm shutters, defined as products manufactured, classified and marketed specifically for the purpose of preventing storm damage from windows. All the following are included on holiday without tax:

  • Bahama shutters
  • Accordions Shutters
  • Rolling shutters
  • Storm paintings
  • Colonial shutters

Adding hurricane shutters to your home in Louisiana may seem like an unnecessary cost, especially if you live indoors. They are actually a cost effective and effective way to protect your home and save you money in the long term. It is also recommended by the state as part of its Four Estate Protection Plan in Louisiana.

Louisiana Home Insurance – Compare Costs and Save

Homeowners' insurance costs in Louisiana can remain reasonable even in the wake of devastating hurricanes in 2005. Here are some things to consider to help save some money.

Unfortunately, Katrina and Rita showed us how important home insurance is. It not only protects your property, but also your property, even your legal responsibility. One of the dangers that ordinary homeowners do not believe is flood. You need to purchase a separate flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

It is important to shop for comparative offers on home insurance. Prices vary very little from one company to another and can save you hundreds shopping. You'll see this if you go to the Louisiana Department of Insurance website. They have a comparative guide to Homeowners prices which shows rates based on a certain type of home in different cities like Houma, New Orleans, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, Monroe, Slidell, Shreveport and more.

This is just a general comparison to give you an idea of ​​how companies differ. For an accurate comparison, you will need to get three different quotes based on your property. You can use the list of companies on the insurance management website to search for home insurance companies and request quotes – either by phone or online. You must provide the same information for each of them with respect to your coverage and discounts for comparison of apples to apples.

Many people find it better to visit a web site comparing insurance. These sites do not represent a single company and will look for the lowest prices from companies that do business in which you live. Just fill out an online form once to get multiple bids again.

There are other ways to reduce the cost of home insurance. Raising the amount of the discount, upgrading electricity and plumbing, repairing or replacing the surface can reduce the amount you pay.

Easy 5 lotto game from the Louisiana Lottery has great difficulties and credit money payments

If you live in Louisiana and are tired of playing Lotto games with bad odds, such as Powerball, the Easy 5 lottery game may be for you. It does not have huge prizes like some other games. But has some decent money payments, keeping in mind that the odds are great, for other games.

Let's start with the rules of the game. To win Easy 5, you must choose 5 numbers, out of 37 possible numbers. The probability of matching all five numbers is exactly 1-in-435,897. Compare it with the odds of winning the Powerball – the odds of beating the Powerball jackpot are 1-in-195,249,054. This means that it is easier to win 448 times in Easy 5 than winning the Powerball. These possibilities are great and perhaps for this reason it is called Easy 5 – because it is one of the easiest games to win!

The grand prize starts at $ 50,000 and continues to grow if no one wins. Sure, these are not huge money like prizes in some other lottery games, but they are respectable. $ 50,000 is nothing to mock him.

Of course, the game also has to pay small prizes as well. If you match 4 numbers out of 5, you'll get $ 100. The odds of matching 4 digits are 1-in-2724. If you match 3 numbers out of 5, you will earn $ 7; odds of matching 3 digits are 1 in 88. If you match two numbers out of 5, you will earn $ 1; odds of matching 2 digits are 1 in 9.

As you can see, the easy lottery game 5 has great odds and decent financial payments. If you live in Louisiana, be sure to buy a ticket and try it out. It costs the dollar only.