Restaurants in Baton Rouge – Gulp, Swallow, Sip and Swig in the perfect South Louisiana style!

Louisiana's Baton Rouge is famous for its exceptional food inspired by the imagination of its predecessors. Baton Rouge's restaurants have a wide range of cuisine, from the city's dining area, Kajol and Creole to other delicious foods around the world. For all visitors who are eager to know which restaurants are best to consume some of the best foods that Louisiana is famous for, here we explore:

Boutin Restaurant

Located in two locations in the heart of the city (8322 Bluebonnet Blvd and 7808 Howell Blvd), this Cajun restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Baton Rouge that not only gives you great dining options, but you can also enjoy Cajun music and fully dance the family dining experience. . From traditional South Louisiana, largely likened to Oyster Brochette to Crawwat Etouffee and Shrimp to modern delights such as Seafood Wonton, Enchiladas and Pepper Jack Shrimp, the restaurant serves delicious dishes anywhere from $ 6 to $ 23.

Louisiana Laganab Restaurant

Louisiana Laginia is one of Louisiana's finest taste experiences in the city, serving Cajun favorites with its own innovative touch. Located at 9990 Perkins Road, it is the perfect restaurant in Baton Rouge to start your evening or special occasion celebration. From Gumbo Restaurant, Blackened Shrimp to Tournedos and Crab cakes, the restaurant offers everything you would like to taste in Louisiana specialties. There is also a children's section that can be ordered for small items.

Restaurant Juban Creole Restaurant

Another great restaurant in Perkins Road, Juban's is a charming place if you are looking for some interesting wine and dining options in a wonderful style. He has repeatedly won the Wine Spectator Magazine nine times, and is one of the best places in Baton Rouge to serve Southern Louisiana cuisine as well as a variety of fine wines. Make the atmosphere and atmosphere the perfect place to party and celebrate big events.

Gambalaya Chopi

To a great extent a lunch place, Gambalia is one of Baton Rouge's restaurants that satisfy the desire of true Louisiana favorites. Here, you can eat and try various authentic dishes such as fried catfish, locust pies, rotavy appetizers, grilled ribs, okra, beans and rice as well as authentic jambalya. Depending on your diet and appetite different options are available. In addition, during the football season, it is open to the public until the weekend. The average cost of the main course here is $ 8. It is located on the cross streets at the intersection of Main St and 5th St.

Kevin Cajun seafood

Think of any seafood, Cajun or Creole dishes you will find at Cevun Seafood in Kevin, located in Maurepas in 12555 Homeport Drive, serving you some of the latest Louisiana delicacies on the waterfront in a friendly atmosphere. They even serve burgers, pasta and children's friendly dishes. However, the authentic specialties deserve your taste. Check out Trap Crab, Trawl Shrimp, Crawfish Bayou and Tilapa Cajun from a long menu of tasty food.

Nothing beats "Baton Rouge Restaurants" when it comes to seafood Cajun, Creole and seafood. What's more, with the perfect atmosphere, good service and great family dining options, it increases South Louisiana appetite more and more, making the visitor yearn for more and more!