Facts of Fleur de Lis

Rich in history and mythological, and Flor de Lis Is one of the most famous icons around the world. Represents us either a lily, or an iris, his idea comes to us from a distant past, and to this day remains a mystery for his origins.

So, what symbolizes? It is basically a miniature flower associated with the passage of time with kings. Representing elegance and class, this permanent logo has been used as an ornamental element on t-shirts, jewelry and even objects for Home D├ęcor.

Where does everything start and how is the code used?

Property and flags

While Fleur de Lis has appeared on many European flags and coats of arms over the centuries, often associated with French ownership. Fleur de Lis is used as a symbol of the dynasty, dating back to the twelfth century, and was adopted by noble families such as the Royal House in Bourbon.

The symbol also stands out prominently with other European kings and rulers such as Crown Jewels of England and Scotland, where it was a prominent part of the design of the Royal and Scottish Royal Arms since James 1 of Scotland.

across the world

What does the logo symbolize to different countries around the world? Some interesting facts of Fleur de Lis include these parts of history. With the relocation of French settlers to the New World, the emblem soon became linked to areas such as Quebec and Nova Scotia in Canada and the South of Louisiana, Louisville, Kentucky and New Orleans in the United States.

This code was also used in less traditional ways! After Hurricane Katrina many New Orleans of different ages and backgrounds were tattooed with French decorations as one of their cultural symbols and as monuments to the storm.

After Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed on July 9, 2008, a bill in law making Fleur de Lis the Louisiana official code. It is also widely used in New Orleans as a symbol of popular support to restore New Orleans. This holds a special place in the heart of New Orleans.

Modern Customs

Often by design, Fleur de Lis continues to use this day and represents the constant presence of the Logos of nobility in our daily lives. In this context, what is the term Fleur de Lis, where the different organizations still use this logo?

For example, the Madness Finder Drum and the Bugle Corps located in Madison, Wisconsin, carries the official logo logo, with members and members of the last sporting signature Fleur de Lis Tattoo!

It also appears as a motto for various sports teams, such as the Fiorentina football team, the New Orleans Saints football team, the New Orleans Hornets basketball team and, last but not least, the former Quebec National Hockey team.

Another Fleur de Lis is the fact that he also appears on military badges like those in the Canadian First World War Exploration Force, the 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, and the Cadet Corps at the University of Louisiana.