Louisiana laws and guidelines on custody agreements and paternity plans

The Law of Louisiana contains many different sections of law. There are laws and guidelines governing the custody of Louisiana Civil Code. This information is necessary for parents who are divorced or separated from each other when determining a parenting plan. Here are some salient points in the laws that affect the customs agreement.

1. Assumption of joint custody. Article 132 contains information on how the Court grants detention to parents. This is a necessary part of the parenting plan. If the parents are able to agree on the customs arrangements (who has the reservation and the visit schedule) that the court accepts. If the parents can not agree, the court will grant joint custody. This means that both parents have disciplinary and legal responsibilities. If a parent does not wish to have a joint custody, he or she must prove to the court that the arrangement is better for the child.

2. The best interests of the child. Article 131 specifically states that child custody will be granted in accordance with the best interests of the child. Parents must establish their foster care agreements taking into account the welfare of their children, and the plan must meet the needs of the child. The Court affirms that it is best for the child to establish relations with both parents. This Agreement should reflect this.

3. Factors that affect the interests of the child. Article 134 contains a list of factors that the Court considers to be relevant to the best interests of the child. These are the factors that the judge thinks when determining customs decisions. Parents should also think about these issues and how they affect the customs agreement. The ability of each parent to provide the needs of the child; the length of time in which the child lives in a stable environment and the stability of the proposed environment; the moral fitness of each parent; mental health Home, school and community history of the child; reasonable preference for the child. The desire of each parent to encourage the child to establish a relationship with the other parent; the distance between the parents' homes, the former responsibilities of the child care. Mother and father need to develop a parenting plan that addresses all these things.