Build your own home in Shreveport, Bossier, Louisiana

What does it take to build your own home, to be your own contractor, to save money? In Louisiana, an individual has the right to build a private home once a year. I've built many homes in the past and every time has an educational experience. With this experience I have prepared you a step-by-step guide to building a home from my point of view. This article is specifically designed to build homes at the home level in the Boseir Shreveport area.

  1. Choose your home. Decide on which will be your next home. Once you decide what to build you will need to purchase home plans. One of my favorite places to look for home plans is W.L. Martin House Designs. These guys have well built house plans I've most seen, not to mention beautiful designs. See above and see the WL Martin home that was completed in 2005. If your framing crew complains about the WL Martin home plan, consider launching it for incompetence.
  2. Find some land. Now you have plans for your home and you know what the footprint your home property will have. Shop around and find some land to build your new home. Wander, search the newspaper, see online. Find out what are the restrictions on the property. Many subdivisions have covenants (restrictions) describing what kind of houses are allowed. If your home fit then great! If not, choose another house or plot of land.

    caution! Be careful for contractors selling land that requires letting them build a home for you. There is nothing wrong with this; in fact, I will ask people to let me build the house too. However, the focus in this article is building your home.

  3. Land financing. If you do not have money at your fingertips find someone who will lend money to the land. If you are building a home right away, most mortgage companies have programs available. If you have months or years before planning to build a house, contact David Ogletree at Louisiana Land Bank. The Louisiana Land Bank has a program for future home houses that enables them to lend money to rough land. Their prices are competitive, and their services are fast.
  4. Get your costs together. There is no skip this step! Before getting a loan to build a home, the bank will make you submit your cost estimates. I've provided you with a list of everything you bought for my last project in 2005. I also gave you names of people in the area who did a good job for me. I feel welcome to contact them and tell them I have been sent to you. Please note that the purpose of this list is to provide you with a starting point and remind you of things that are often forgotten. You will need to modify this list to suit your requirements. These items are listed in the order that you encountered.

    • Cost of land – How much is paid on the ground.
    • Land clearing – You will need to hire a good tractor man to prepare your property for your home. For this task, I recommend Roy McDowell of Webster Trucking. It has a laser level in the bull bulldozer which puts a nice degree on your site. His phone number is 318.949.4915.
    • Plans home – How much paid for home plans.
    • Allow – Make sure you get all the required permits. These can be barbaric permits, building parish licenses, city permits, and more.
    • Building risk insurance – Protect yourself from fire, theft and a host of other unfortunate circumstances. Call Bobbie Smarr for Builder & s; Insurance Insurance at ICT Insurance Agencies 318.797.7400.
    • Portable toilet service – When you have to go go. Keep your employees comfortable with your business location.
    • Temporary water service – Contact your local water service and ask them to set up a water meter. There are several stages of construction requiring water (ie construction).
    • House painting – Find someone who can sell dirt and build a home plate for you. Do not go here cheaply, or you will have a house sitting in a clay pit. For this task, I recommend Roy McDowell of Webster Trucking. It has a laser level in the bull bulldozer which puts a nice degree on your site. His phone number is 318.949.4915.
    • Tile, post-tension – Contact Drew Paschall with TBG, Inc. His phone number is 214.616.4841.
    • Road and sidewalks – Contact Drew Paschall with TBG, Inc. His phone number is 214.616.4841.
    • Temporary electricity – Contact Bo Wilkinson at BW Electric at 318.949.8711. They have electrodes and will help you coordinate the acquisition of interim power on your business site.
    • Interest of temporary loan – Be sure to remember this one. While it takes your home to build 3-12 months, you will pay interest on temporary loans on the borrowed funds. I like to use 5% of the final loan amount to estimate how much interest I will pay over the term of the loan.
    • Framing and wood – Contact Drew Paschall with TBC, Inc. His phone number is 214.616.4841. Even if you use someone else to build the tile, make sure you do not miss the pleasure of working with these people in framing your home. Its speed will save you money on your temporary loan. They work in large crews and focus on you until the work is finished.
    • Bar / float / texture / paint / stain – This involves a rocky comment inside your house, the preparation of rock slabs for fabric, paneling, house painting, and reservoir coloring. For this task I have a strong preference for Marc Villarreal in the goal please. The home phone number is 318.949.8871. His mobile phone number is 318.458.0079. As this step in building a house takes time, the Aim To Please artists work in large crews to complete your work in less time. This saves you money on temporary loan interest.
    • Safes – Get your order in the tanks at the same time as your tile. Doing so will prevent the delay when it is time to install it. Randy Peters and Tim Taylor build some beautiful cupboards. Contact them at 318.272.4598.
    • Closet handles – Stay away from fancy prices here. Get government knobs and stuff on ebay! That's what I did.
    • Countertop Will it be Formica, Corian, Granite, Marble? Choose Now. You need to know how much you will cost.
    • Wood, tiles, carpet, material and labor – Decide how the flooring will be placed in your new home. For fair pricing and first class workmanship contact BJ's Flooring at 318.371.6823.
    • Electrical / Ethernet / Security – No one does my electrical work except electric BW. Call us at 318.949.8711.
    • Air conditioning / heating – Not cheap here. Get a unit with a high rated rating and enjoy reduced electricity bills. Look at the pictures above. The house, completed in 2002, was 1,400 square feet with an average electricity bill of $ 250 a month. The house, completed in 2005, is 4,000 square feet with an average electricity bill of $ 160 per month. Contact Fertitta's Air & Heat and let John come out and work his magic. Their phone number is 318.687.5966.
    • Construction, work, sand, mortar, lentils – Reverted with Jim Thomas at 318.377.3856 or Toby Wali at 318.218.4803. Both of these men have an excellent reputation in this field.
    • Plumbing, Sanitary Fittings, Tubs, Taps, Toiletries – Tommy Adkins phone number is 318.470.3490. It can provide you with a quote on your plumbing. I agree with their work, I think you will do too.
    • Trim material and work – This includes crown molding, doors, and anything else that might be fanciful. Let Drew Paschall put you down. His phone number is 214.616.4841.
    • insulation – from other than Charles in AAA insulators. His phone number is 318.949.3719.
    • The heater – Try Mike Cox at Bradley Break. His phone number is 318.752.9933.
    • Garage doors – Whether you are looking for regular or isolated ones give up the "penny cash" call in the "upper door". His phone number is 318.865.7666.
    • Lighting fixtures and ceiling fans – No recommendations. Just find a known place for delivery on time.
    • Dishwasher / stove / vent / microwave – No recommendations. Just find a known place for delivery on time.
    • Refrigerator – No recommendations. Just find a known place for delivery on time.
    • Exterior doors and interior doors – Call Drew Paschall at 214.616.4841.
    • Ladders and labor materials – Call Drew Paschall at 214.616.4841.
    • Window opens – Call Drew Paschall at 214.616.4841.
    • Roofing and working materials – No recommendations.
    • Preparing the garden for the grass – James San Angelo can work and his tractor. Cell: 318.393.4923
      Home: 318.746.9985.
    • Grass, mulch and action – Now is the best time to add a layer of compost to complement your garden installation. Eco Molch & Sud can make all this happen to you. Their phone number is 318.865.5200.
    • natural views – Richard Matthews at Avant Gard-Nair has a love for landscapes and certainly shows. Let him help you design your scene, and you will feel that he is interested in your project as you are. His phone number is 318.797.7183.
    • Mirrors and shower doors – The glass doctor can make anything you like. Call us at 318.221.3503.
    • The gutters – Harmon & Sons installed gutters on the house that was completed in 2005. No matter how skilled you think you are not equal to the quality of this work with the things you bought from the store. Their phone number is 318.671.9668.
    • Evaluation fees – Do not forget the evaluation fee. Once you have completed your home, the bank will want to make an assessment so you plan to pay back before moving to your home.
  1. Get approved for a mortgage. Contact your mortgage company and obtain prior approval of the amount calculated in your costs in step 4. If your balance is good enough, try adding 10-15% of the emergency allowance to the highest total value. You can get this amount in order to "pad" in case you encounter unexpected circumstances. It may also be useful if you see something you might want to promote along the way. Remember that it's best to complete your project in budget rather than budget.
  2. Obtain a temporary loan. The temporary loan, commonly referred to as a "construction loan", allows you to build your house and pay interest only on the funds you have borrowed so far. For example, if $ 100,000 is approved to build your home on a 7% temporary loan and you do not spend any amount of money during the first month of construction, your loan amount will be $ 0 for this month. However, if you spend $ 20,000 during the first month of construction, you will pay $ 117. To reach this figure, all you have to do is multiply $ 20,000 by 0.07 (annual interest rate, or interest rate). The result should be $ 1400. Then divide $ 1,400 by 12 (because they are 12 months in a year).
    Bring your home plans from step 1 of this article, your costs from step 4, and your mortgage approval from step 5. If you have completed step 4 completely, the bank will be dazzled and give you an interest to think through it all carefully. Keep in mind that while it is your right in Louisiana to build your house once a year, the bank also has the right not to lend you money because you do not have a contractor licensed to build your home. It's their money and their rules. Many banks have stopped lending to owner owners because many of them have found themselves in excess of cost. You will need to find a bank financing the owner building. One bank that I know still does is Minden Building & Loan in Minden, LA. Give me a call on 318.377.0523.
  3. Get your permits. In order to build my last house outside the city limits, I had to obtain a transit permit and a diocese construction permit. Go to your resident's office at Bossier or Cadiu Parish and tell them the title of your new building. They should be able to prepare all the permits you need. Nothing like a good tax from the government.
  4. Obtain a risk insurance builder. Call Bobbie Smarr for Builder & s; Insurance Insurance at ICT Insurance Agencies 318.797.7400. Protect your investment.
  5. Prepare your land. Contact Roy McDowell at 318.949.4915. You will need to discuss where your home is located on the property and the location of your driveway. Rui has an excellent talent for determining home heights. Make sure your home is high and dry. He is familiar with the properties of soil pressure and will only use high quality materials. The bull pod with the integrated laser leveling system will ensure that your home sits on an ideal basis.
  6. Mobile toilet. Time to get potty to all the workers!
  7. Temporary electricity. Contact Bo Wilkinson at BW Electric and tell him it's time to install the electrode. 318.949.8711.
  8. Preparation Foundation. Contact Drew Paschall with TBG, Inc. His phone number is 214.616.4841. They will lay the foundation and dig all packages for your home.
  9. Raw plumbing in. Contact Tommy Adkins at 318.470.3490 so they can take out Ditch Witch and install water and sewage lines.
  10. Requested cabinets. Do not find yourself waiting for later. Get these cabinets now so you can get them when you need them.
  11. Pour tile and install tension installation. Drew Paschall is back to install the post tension cables and pour the concrete into the plank. Only after drying the board should they do a "partial pull" of the cables. This helps to prevent premature concrete cracking.
  12. Framing. A day or two after the cement dries dry Drew crew again to build the frame of the house. This process will take several weeks. Once you have finished the house you will have tar paper on the roof, windows and doors on the outside, and any possible siding. You can now brag with your friends using a language, "my house is in a dry place" or "I got my house stained".
  13. Place the ceiling on. Remove the surface and put the herpes for that house will not leak. Remember that cheap shingles do not last as long as they are expensive!
  14. More expert in. Now is the time for air conditioning, electricity, insulation and plumbing. Now is your chance to make any special requests for location plugs, surround sound installation, or anything else your heart desires.
  15. Install Fireplace. Now is the best time to install the burner all the airway work associated with it.
  16. Install tanks. Painters will need to paint the tanks as they are drawn to the house until they are installed before the players appear with the paint brush.
  17. Paint the house. Taking this longest and most frankly is the most boring part of my opinion. However, rest assured that a lot of work is happening. At this stage you will get your hanging board, your walls texturized, and your entire house is painted! This may take more than a month, if not two or three months.
  18. Building. Brick mold? What about some plaster? Bring this man of bricks and let him lay bricks.
  19. Trim work. All molds, entrances, stairs and other luxury objects must be installed at this stage.
  20. Install Fixtures. Prepare the players again for final disposal of air conditioning vents, controls, electrical fixtures, switches, tubs, faucets, etc.
  21. Devices. It's time to dishwasher, stove and vent range and microwave.
  22. Insulation trim. Bring on a truck pump. Insulators will come out for the last time They will run hoses around the house and reach the attic to blow up a nice layer of insulation to keep your house cooler in the summer and warm in the winter.
  23. Contact your loan officers. You are now about a month away from moving to your new home. Contact loan staff and make a decision on the target relocation date for your new home. Put your temporary loan officer in touch with your mortgage officer and let them coordinate how to handle your temporary loan transfer to a mortgage. Now is the time to secure the interest rate on your mortgage.
  24. floor. Just when you thought you almost, it's time to install flooring. Expect another period of slow and intensive work. This process takes a few weeks, but the end result is great! After finishing the flooring, you can transfer the refrigerator, washing machine and dryer.
  25. Installation of garage doors. This process takes only one day. If you get standard doors, the delivery time is fairly fast. If you are planning to have isolated doors, you must order them one month before the expected installation date.
  26. Mirrors and shower doors. All mirrors and shower doors are ready for installation on this date. Just make sure that it is done after electrical pruning or you may experience problems.
  27. Lanes and sidewalks. Drew was brought out for the last time. Installation of the lanes and sidewalks will take only a few days.
  28. Not finished yet, but Move In! At this point, you have finished your home to the point where you can request an appraisal, close your mortgage, and enter!
  29. Install grass, landscape, gutters. Now that you've all moved, you'll be ready to just enjoy a new home. Make one final payment and get your garden, landscaping, and gutters installed.

Thank you for reading your home building in Louisiana Shreveport. I hope you have found this article informative and interesting. It takes a great deal of planning and effort to build a home, but the rewards are saving money and satisfaction through the mind. I welcome any of your comments or suggestions.