Apply for Food Stampes in Louisiana under the SNAP program

The Louisiana Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps low-income families get the right food to stay healthy. The SNAP program transfers the food assistance allowance to the Louisiana EBT electronic credit card according to household needs (which depend heavily on a specific income threshold). Once household approval is obtained for food assistance, they are allowed to make purchases at grocery stores or stores displaying the Quest logo. Applicants must complete the SNAP form in order to consider its eligibility.

First, determine whether you qualify for food stamps. Families can not exceed $ 2,000 in monthly assets and do not exceed $ 3,000 for families with disabled persons or older persons 60 and above. Use the Prequalification Check Tool located on the Child and Family Services Administration site in Louisiana to determine if you may be able to receive SNAP benefits.

Locate the "Family Support" link from the Social Services Administration website where you will be able to access the Food Stamp Program and download and complete the help request. Your social security number must be available, along with the last four checks or unemployment, and possibly a recent bank statement to complete your application. Drop the application (or mail it) to your local family care office. You can also visit the local Parish OFS office to apply for a SNAP paper personally. A letter from the Human Resources Department of Louisiana confirming the status of your application will have a mandatory date and time that will allow you to meet your case specialist by reviewing your file. Contact HR if you need a telephone interview or have to reschedule as soon as possible.

Attend your internal interview on time. The application process may be long, and if you arrive late, you can sit for a while and your claim file will be lost. You must bring a valid ID, social security card, last four recent checks, a self-income tax return, rent or mortgage receipts, utility bill, and any medical bills you have.

Obtaining the SNAP Approval Letter takes about two to three weeks. When you get it, you will highlight the monthly amount that you were given based on your monthly income. It will also include your credit card purchase card in Louisiana and a PIN. Refusal letters can be represented simply by writing to your local Humanitarian Services Department or contacting Humanitarian Services to request an appeal form.