Enjoy Cajun Hospitality in New Iberia, Louisiana

New Orleans has a well-known reputation in the center of the city of concerts and a host of fine restaurants that have ended in a lively and lively bouquet … I think the Mardi Gras festivals are a record fare that ends with great enthusiasm over the weekend.

But there is already much experience in Louisiana other than the implications of indulgences.

Go from Creole to Cajun in less than two hours

After four nights in New Orleans (Creole), we continued to visit New Iberia (Cajun) to visit a member and savor Cajun culture and cuisine, as well as some unique experiences in Cajun Country. Find the meaning of "Laissez Les Pons temporary ruler! Let the good times roll!"

First Stop is Creole Plantation House

We had a roll time for New Nebraska less than two hours so we went out on the Great Mississippi River which is home to dozens of beautifully restored pre-war farms.

We chose Laura Ranch … not touristy and completely restored.

Our destination city – New Iberia

This small town with a great history is located on the banks of Bay of Bay, which also provides the current for the history and pulse of new Iberia.

Bayu was the route that the Spanish followed in the late 18th century when they came to the beach and set themselves up in the Spanish lake area. At about the same time the French Acadians were expelled from Nova Scotia by the British to fight along French troops.

The historically displaced Ecuadorians settled in South Louisiana with French Creole, Spaniards, Germans, Anglo Americans, and Native Americans … they became known as Cajuns.

The integration of these diverse ethnicities through generations has contributed to the uniqueness of their lifestyle, food, music, and attitudes towards life … Laissez les bons temps rouler!

During the civil war, the new Teo and New Siberia were again launched into the limelight as an important gateway to the Union's army attack from the south … but this is a long story in itself for a future article.

A visit to Avery Island is a must

On the surface of the island there is a compound producing pepper sauce.

The fame of this 2,200 acre island is the birthplace of the commercial TABASCO® pepper sauce and has been owned by the Marsh, Avery and McLenney families for almost 200 years.

In addition to touring the plant, the beautiful land and beauty conservation is home to Jungle Gardens / Bird City Wildlife Refuge … in addition to the permanent crocodiles.

We learned that their production lines can produce more than 700000 2 oz. Bottles daily

Under the surface there is a salt production complex.

A little known point of interest is that the island is located above a solid rock salt dome referred to as one of the world's largest salt mines … It has been estimated to be deeper than a mountain. Everest is high.

Avery Island salt mine is not open to the public.

A unique swamp tour adventure

Our local experts have the best range of swamp tours, Cajun Country Swamp Tours (cajuncountryswamtours.com). Owned and operated by the father and son team, native to the region and educated in animal and plant science, they made an eco-friendly, educational and fun guided tour of the Acadiana swamps known as the Cypress Island / Martin Swamp.

Sean was our entertaining guide to the adventure for two hours through the ancient cypress trees covered with Spanish algae and the water they collected with the wildlife … Yes there were too many crocodiles.

Iberia and New New Writer – James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of detective stories and quizzes. He is best known for his series of detective Dave Rubico, two of which were filmed and filmed in New Iberia … first with Alec Baldwin (Prisoners of Heaven) and Tommy Lee Jones Electrophoresis).

Iberia is an original and famous artist – George Rodriguez

The Baio Teshi Museum proudly presents the art of George Rodriguez, who is revered as "the true son of Louisiana … his art is inspired by the landscape and the people of Acadiana".

The Blue Dog paintings on Rodrigues Island, based on the legend of Cajun called loup-garou, were internationally renowned.

(Side note: Loup Garou is the legend of Cajun about a creature with a human body and the head of a dog or a wolf, and is said to be roaming the swamps around Acadiana … something like a waswolf.)

Tapasco breaks out – sample some Cajun cuisine

You just can not go to Cajun Country without getting your fix from Gumbo, Etouffee, oysters (raw, fried or charged), crayfish (boiled or fried), shrimp (fried, poached, or stuffed with crab meat).

We wanted to eat fresh, simple and delicious food and chose one of our favorite local cuisine, Jane's (on Jane's Street, of course) serving food in informal settings without fancy-scented foods such as tablecloths or padded napkins. (janesseafood.com)

So before you wrinkle your nose, keep in mind that long lines on a normal day last about one hour. People in this city know great food at a reasonable price.

($ 13 per 12), grilled fresh sea shrimp ($ 15 per dozen with sides), grilled bay oysters ($ 9.50 per half-dozen) and can not be discarded … Half a half ($ 14.95) )) 1/2 aitovi and a half of the fried locusts with side salad, fries, hushpipe, fried banana, and bread.

Victor's cafeteria is at home where you can get the verdict from the crowds this restaurant is my other local favorite … We ate our breakfast there every day of our visit.

The Beau Soleil Cafe is a bit more refined and the menu offers an amazing regional selection. We chose one of the most unusual appetizers … the Lightbread Fatin Boden & Legnon was excellent!

Private place to stay

We chose Gouguenheim in the historic downtown area. It offers the comforts of a larger hotel but an intimate inn / upscale bed and breakfast. (gouguenheim.com)

The balconies around the place add a nice touch, and the free breakfast vouchers of the popular Victor Cafeteria, which is a direct shop, are a great way to start your day.


Think of warm southern hospitality with a Cajun touch and a cat from Tabasco, which summarizes our trip to this corner in Louisiana.

In less than two hours by car you are away from Big Easy and slowly drift into Cajun rhythms while experiencing a different way of life.

Maybe, just, they might have something in their local expression about … Let the good times spin!

After all, what is in a hurry … to be an inspiration … get out there and experience life.

┬ę 2017 Inspired by travel routes with Bob and Janice Kohler