Delight in an energetic vacation to Malia

Malia is located on the eastern coastline of Crete. The area is surrounded by magnificent mountain views and Malia is known for its excellent beaches. Many people prefer to vacation in Malia because it is known as a very cheap place to take a break and have fun. There are many things to do in Malia:

. Walk to the Beach: Malia beaches are wonderful as they stretch for miles. There are many beaches in Malia to choose from. You can sunbathe in the sun and enjoy breathtaking views while on the beaches of Malia. Most of Malia's beaches are lined with plenty of nightclubs and restaurants, so you won't be hungry or thirsty.

. Water Sports: While on the beach in Malia, there are many water activities that you can do. A few of the water sports in Malia involve windsurfing, jet skiing, paragliding and motor boating. You can rent most equipment for your water activities.

. Malia Cruises: There are many day cruises available from Malia. Many cruises offer barbecues, drinks and dancing on board. Sometimes the cruises stop to swim or snorkel.

. Diving: Because the waters of Malia are so extraordinary, diving is a beloved activity in Malia. There is a diving center in Malia that offers lessons and diving excursions throughout the area.

. Nightlife: Malia is known as a party destination, so the region offers colorful, lively nightlife to keep you entertained. Malia has some of the most groovy clubs in Europe with the biggest DJ's. The town is packed with bars, pubs and discos where you can party until the wee hours of the morning.

. Malia Minoan Palace: Malia is rich in history, and Minoan Palace is something to see. It was built near the sea and is the third largest palace in Crete. It was built in 1900 BC and was destroyed in 1700 BC It was rebuilt in 1650 BC in the same place. You can explore the palace and see the ruins that run along the complex. It is a very interesting place to visit.

. Malia Ruins: The city ruins are located just east of the city. Visiting the ancient ruins is just fascinating.

. Landrover Safari: You can see the rugged mountains of Crete when you take a fun walk in a Landrover. There are experienced drivers who know the area and give you an exciting experience.

. Quad bikes: You can rent a quad bike and discover the region of Malia.

If you are looking for an impressive holiday filled with parties and entertainment, Malia is the right destination for you. A holiday in Malia will be an experience you will never forget and will remind you to last a lifetime.