Various aspects of a good honeymoon package for a wonderful holiday

A honeymoon in India is a trip of a lifetime with many romantic outings. There are many honeymoon destinations, and a honeymoon special may involve a trip to the north and northeast of the hills or a lazy and long vacation to the exotic beaches of southern India.

Honeymoon tours

Manali is a relaxing and beautiful place to go for honeymoon and various package tours are available, some very short and others quite long; but no matter which honeymoon package you book, there is plenty to do in this part of India.

You have to go to Manali

If you travel to India far away, many will tell you that no holiday in India is complete without taking a trip to Manali. Manali is tucked into the dense shades of pine trees and mountains that are snowy, offering a great vacation time. This area of ​​the Lower Himalayas is deeply associated with Indian mythology, as the legendary King Manu is believed to have lived here, named Manali, which stands for "the dwelling of the gods".

The thrill of adventure

If you are an adventure loving couple, this may be the best place for your honeymoon. Manali offers many opportunities for anyone who loves adventure. Snow skiing, hiking in the altitude, mountaineering and climbing tours are offered to the tourists. White water rafting is perhaps even more interesting than skiing, the most sought after activity among adventure lovers.

Explore Manali

There are many places to travel in Manali, so you will be exhausted at the end of a day of night time to relax if that was your original plan. HadimbaTemple was built and named after the wife of Bheema, one of the legendary heroes of Hindu mythology of. The ManuRishi Temple encourages you to stop and then pull in to explore its mysteries. This temple, set in pagoda architecture, is dedicated to King Manu, who is said to have created the entire human race in terms of Hindu mythology.


Manali's rich multi-ethnic culture has given the cuisine of this part of India a special character. Plums and apples are daily staples of the local diet, freshly picked from the orchards that fill the valley. Homemade country vegetables and fruits are also popular in the morning market. Local Tibetan wine from red rice and barley, known as Lugri and Chakti, is enjoyable to taste, and the Tibetan food at various restaurants is special. There are also some good baked treats available in the area, such as Banana Cakes and Cinnamon Rolls.


There are many peaceful places to stay in the main city, such as some lavish cottages and other places that offer comfortable accommodation in cabins that are spacious and well-appointed with all modern conveniences.


In some hotels, guests may have room service that offers a chef and / or a waiter every day, and charges are very nominal. Most hotels offer free travel services between them and the main market. Other amenities include laundry and dry cleaning, taxi service, ample parking and a doctor on the phone.

This area of ​​India is wonderful for a honeymoon and there are countless things to see, do and experience around here. There are many honeymoon package solutions that can fit any couple's personalities and budget.