Follow the trend of foreign exchange prices – a powerful way to make huge foreign exchange gains

Here, we will study the concept of tracking foreign exchange price movements through charts and obtaining huge foreign exchange gains through simple and effective methods. If you use the attached forex strategy, you will grab every big trend and profit from it – let's take a closer look at it.

If you look at the charts for any currency pair, you will see a megatrend that lasts for a few weeks, and if you know how to get into these trends, these trends can bring you considerable profits. The good news is that all megatrends start and continue in the same way – they break the head resistance and then rise further, which is called a breakthrough. If you break through, you have a simple and powerful way to simply follow the price movement and grab all the major trends.

Of course, not every time resistance will see the development of new trends, many people will not be able to follow up. In order to make money, you need to know which breakthrough provides you with the best odds before entering the trading signal.

The best breakthrough is the breakthrough that occurs after several tests at the level, which is significant for other traders. If the level has been tested several times, the trader will want to form a resistance in the short line and then stop the loss. The more times the level is tested, the more the stop loss is concentrated after the resistance. When a breakout does occur, triggering these stops and pushing the price away from the breakout point, then new technical buying occurs, which pushes the price away from the breakout point, creating a new trend.

In terms of the number of tests before the break, I like about 4-6. Ideally, I hope that the two testicles are at least one month apart. If most people think that money should appear in another way, then the breakthrough is even better. The reason for these breakthroughs is simple – most traders are always losing money, and with the release of resistance and bringing these losers out of the market, there may be many stops to be hit.

The simple method above not only allows you to make money, but also gives you all the major trends so that you can trade three times a week for three-digit gains. If you want to get a successful currency deal, there is no better way than breaking the deal.