This is how you plan the holidays of the mind

Part 1

Recently in a women's therapy group that I run, the desire for fun and a change of pace took over me. I suggested that we deviate from some of our typical work and instead go around the room imagining a resort designed to suit every woman's wishes.

It was fascinating to see how many fantastic holiday ideas quickly emerged. A woman wanted to go to Mexico and South America to see the ruins and lie on the sun in beautiful beaches. Another woman wanted to travel to Greece and see the ancient ruins there and then slowly make her way through Europe. This can take a relaxed period, maybe even a year. Another also wanted to travel to Europe, but to do other things, such as taking gourmet cooking classes in southern France and becoming somewhat fluent in several languages. Another woman chose the spa and other experiences to bring vitality to her body and ultimately her spirit. In fact, one person was planning to go to several meditative retreats over the next few months.

I was intrigued as each woman spoke and realized two things. At first, I would have been a happy companion on one of the holidays presented. Each one sounded fulfilling, energetic, and provided a change that would be good for me, as well as the person thinking about it.

Secondly, I realized how much every woman, no matter what her background or problems, was yearning for change, adventure, getting to know people and elsewhere, no matter how burdened with the daily problems of relationships, children, money, etc.

How unique we all are – that's for sure! Each holiday was strikingly different from the others, and yet how universal so many of our needs for replenishment are.

I hope you will take a few minutes now that spring has arrived to fantasize for the daydream of a wonderful vacation that you can at least create. Take the adventure.

Give your wonderful holiday ideas to us. I know we all get stimulated and enjoy our magic blankets! Nice trip!

Part 2 – A play date with holiday ideas

Take a moment and note three fantasy spring or summer vacations you would love to take if money and time were no object!

  • Where would you go?
  • Who would take you?
  • What do you want to do?
  • How long will you be away?
  • What would you like to see … experience … discover?
  • What would be the highlight of your trip?

Enjoy your fantasy vacations. Go ahead and get some information about these places if you wish.

  • Do you want at least one to come true?
  • What steps would be required?

I'll leave the rest to you – whether you're just daydreaming or creating a new reality, I want you refreshing, fun thoughts.