How to go on a vacation with your dog in the car

Some people travel on long vacations. These vacations are in the car towards driving a train or a plane. When you go on a long road trip, you may want to keep your dog with you. It's not as simple as putting your dog in the car and leaving. You need to prepare properly to make this process more comfortable for your dog.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your dog is comfortable being in the car. Take your dog with you around town more than a few times and see if he or she is comfortable in the car. Do you see problems with your pet being in the car? If you see some, address these before going on a longer trip.

Has blankets for the dog to put on. The walk will be long and your dog may want to lie down and sleep or at least be comfortable. The more of these you have, the more comfortable your dog can be.

Bring your box. Your dog may get bored or even annoyed at times. If you have the crate, you will be able to keep your dog under control as he or she strolls around. It is also easier to travel with a box as you can keep the dog inside it at night.

Has water that the dog can drink. Cars get hot on long drives, even with air conditioning on. Make it easy for your pet to have frequent drinks.

Do not feed your pet until you travel. Dogs can become car sick. The less they eat, the less trouble this will cause when you're on the go. Feed your pet more when you're done running that day.

Entertain your dog by having lots of toys to play with. Don't get loud, otherwise you'll be annoyed to hear the same sounds over and over again.

Take frequent breaks. The dog will have to get out and walk and use the toilet.

Never leave the dog in the car even if you are away for a few minutes at the stop. This can harm your pet or even kill it. Also, it's not fair for your pet to have to stay inside the car when he or she wants to get out and stretch.